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Is ‘Black Box’ Tech Enough To Protect Your Digital Transformation?

WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform Gives Real time insights

Guest post by Amir Fahi, VP of Strategic Development, WalkMe

Hindsight is 20/20.

It’s even more accurate with technology. Think of flight recorders, or airplane “black boxes,” which collect vast amounts of data throughout the duration of a flight. Black boxes are critical to understanding what happened if a catastrophe occurs.

The information black boxes provide is invaluable, but retrospective analysis can only do so much for you. It can give you answers to important questions, but it doesn’t have the power to prevent a negative event in the first place.

But what if those black boxes could analyze the data they collected in real time, predict future events, and deploy an intervention before an accident happened?

In digital transformation, “black box” technology is not enough.

Businesses in all industries are pursuing digital transformation with increasing momentum. According to the IDC, global investments in digital transformation technology could reach $1.18 trillion by the end of 2019.

If yours is like most companies, you’re investing heavily in updating your tech arsenal. But what if you found out your ROI was being constrained by poor usability?

Inadequate software on-boarding, complex user interfaces, lengthy digital processes, and a host of other challenges hurt the user journey. When there’s poor usability, users can’t achieve digital adoption, which puts productivity and overall performance are at stake.

A lack of digital adoption prevents users from maximizing available digital tools and therefore caps the potential of software investments.

Like an airplane black box, there’s plenty of software out there that allows you to view the user journey and see exactly where users struggle to complete a task, encounter friction, or “drop off” and quit.

But unless such solutions are paired with an active intervention system, the same problem persists. You won’t be able to prevent a negative event from occurring; you can only attempt to get better outcomes in the future.

With a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), you don’t have to settle.

Instead of relying on retrospective analysis to inform future improvements, solutions that analyze the user journey and provide real-time support enable you to safeguard the user journey and maintain optimal productivity.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), powered by AWS, performs black box-like analytics on the user journey, then proactively deploys on-screen guidance and support in the moment of need. After analyzing a broad range of predefined contextual factors, it provides tailored support and walks users through any process step-by-step in the form of pop-up balloons and prompts.

With a DAP, any user can complete any digital process, irrespective of his familiarity with the platform or the complexity of the process. It guarantees a positive user experience while providing administrators with detailed insights about the user journey.

By intervening before a user gives up, you can mitigate frustration, ensure process completion and data integrity, dramatically boost productivity, and get the most out of your software investment.

The Power of the DAP — By the Numbers.

The DAP’s ability to instantly simplify the user journey on any software makes it the ultimate partner for organizations undergoing digital transformation.

Our 1,800+ customers can attest. Here are success highlights from three:

●  A cloud-based online project management software company deployed WalkMe’s Walk-Thrus and other in-app training tools into its free trial offering to improve the user experience and boost conversions. Since doing so, the company saw an immediate 25% increase of project activations and a 5 5% reduction in support requests.

●  An online payroll system with more than 15,000 customers around the world sought WalkMe out to increase user adoption. But because many payroll activities are performed monthly or even less frequently, company leaders realized users required a lot of support. After deploying the DAP, they achieved a 20% drop in support requests and an 18% boost in customer satisfaction.

●  An event management and live engagement platform uses WalkMe’s DAP to increase user adoption of its app-building capabilities. In addition to reducing support tickets, the company has achieved a 25% increase in user engagement with the help of WalkMe.

A better user journey translates to dollars saved (and gained).

These improvements show just how impactful WalkMe is when it comes to simplifying the user experience and enabling users to complete tasks independently.

Armed with on-screen support 24/7, companies can drastically reduce reliance on internal and customer support staff, increase efficiency, maintain data integrity, and boost productivity.

The combined effect of all of these benefits is lower costs for support and increased revenue.

DAP provides a seamless user journey with active insights.

Gaining visibility into the user journey is only the first step to achieving these results. Identifying barriers to usability and digital adoption is critical, but even more so is the need to preempt these challenges with proactive, tailored support.

Don’t settle for a backward look. With a proactive approach, you can ensure all users (and you!) get the most from your software investments.


Disclaimer: the views expressed in this guest post are those of the customer and do not reflect those of AWS.