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Recap: Building IoT Solutions with AWS and Intel

Increasingly, startups worldwide are focusing more of their efforts on building Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This fall, UK-based startups had a unique opportunity to learn firsthand some of the latest technologies available to support IoT. This was available at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in London, which was open from September 10 to October 28 and hosted a wide range of sessions and activities to help local startups learn how AWS could support their businesses.


IoT Demo Lab

London was the first AWS Loft to feature an IoT Demo Lab, a dedicated space showcasing devices built using AWS services and featuring Intel hardware such as Intel Edison and the Grove Indoor Environment Kit.

Intel Edison and Grove IoT starter kit powered by AWS

Intel Edison technology is a hardware and software platform that, when combined with sensors and your imagination, empowers you to invent new Internet-enabled products and solutions. AWS IoT is a new service that supports secure bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things and the AWS cloud. An expansive variety of IoT solutions are possible when combining AWS and Intel technologies, including crowd management, temperature monitoring, air pollution, and agricultural solutions, all of which were all on display at the IoT Demo Lab:

Crowd-management: The crowd management application employed a Wi-Fi probe monitor to maintain a short term and secure view on the unique MAC addresses hunting for Internet access in the surrounding area. At any given time this figure can be used as a real-time indicator of how busy the surrounding area is.

Temperature monitoring: Similarly, the temperature monitoring devices demonstrated the real-time statistical power of AWS IoT. Temperature values were consistently collected for real-time visualization. The results could then trigger temperature-changing actions such as activating fans, opening windows, or activating other temperature-influencing tools.

Air pollution and agricultural solutions: Intel’s air pollution device demonstrated how their industrial grade IoT gateway devices integrate seamlessly with AWS IoT, reducing the final mile between your data and cloud infrastructure. The soil monitoring and irrigation agriculture demo showed how long-term collection and analysis of sensor values can aid important decisions such as when to switch on irrigation systems based on precise need and cost efficiency.

IoT Resources for Developers Worldwide

The IoT Demo Lab at the London AWS Loft gave UK startups the opportunity to understand how AWS and Intel can help shape their current and future IoT applications. However, many of these resources are available to developers worldwide. If you’re a startup or developer based in the UK, or anywhere else in the world, and would like to learn more about building IoT solutions with AWS and Intel, visit the Intel Developer Zone to learn more.

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