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In Case You Missed It: Day Two of Collision 2019

An Introduction to AWS for Developers, Day 2

Brand new to AWS or interested in learning more about how you can get started with the AWS Cloud to build your next app or your next startup? Join this session and learn more about application development, deployment, and operations on AWS, why AWS is the most popular platform for technology startups and how you can use the AWS Cloud to serve your first customer and scale to serve your first 100 million customers.

Getting Started with Streaming Data for Event-Driven Applications and Analytics

Handling streaming data isn’t an easy task. However, it is required for building microservices using techniques such as event sourcing, CQRS or choreography. This session gives a gentle introduction to the world of streaming data. I will start with the technical underpinnings first and explain why the cloud is the perfect place to deal with streaming data. Then I will show you the various cloud services that accomplish this task. One of them is a managed version of Apache Kafka which is one the most popular open-source projects for building messaging and streaming applications. I will explain what makes Kafka special, analyse major pain points in on-prem Kafka projects, critically analyse how Kafka differs from other streaming data services.

It’s the Jetsons Age: Robots and AWS RoboMaker

Robots have become a part of daily life — but is robotics development accessible for everyone? Learn how to build robotics with AWS RoboMaker. This session will cover Robotic OS & Gazebo, building and deploying a robotics app, and launching simulations to generate the 3D artificial world in which our robot will move.

Building a Website on AWS

Come learn the basics of building a website on AWS with S3, CloudFront, Route53, and Amplify.

4 Ways to Use Machine Learning for Mobile

Machine learning is about making your apps smarter with real-time object and face recognition, offline predictions, and protecting user privacy. In this session, we’ll explore the four ways to handle prediction or inference and decision making in modern apps. Demystify deep learning and easily call managed ML services and build, train, and/or deploy ML models to mobile and IoT devices.

Using Containers, Part 2: Deploying and Autoscaling our Containers

In this session, we pick up where we left off yesterday and deploy our container to ECS using Fargate. Once deployed, we will talk about how we can use AWS Autoscaling to always meet current traffic demands.

Choosing The Right Database

It’s 2019, and there are 329 different databases being tracked by How are we supposed to know which one to use for which problems? This talk walks through the basics of the common database types and specific implementations by showing real world use cases.