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How AWS Startup Garage Events Can Kick-start your Startup

Startup Garage Event where entrepreneurs are mingling and having drinks

The AWS Startup Garage was established in 2019 to create a community of likeminded entrepreneurs and provide startups with guidance and support on business and technology-related topics. Garage events range from technical hands on workshops to support on how to get started on serverless to advice on raising your first round of funding. Events are designed to provide startups with a direct link to the AWS Startup team of Account Managers, Solutions Architects, go-to-market resources, and startup-specific programs and initiatives.

In addition to sharing knowledge and resource, one of the main goals of the Garage is to bring together founders that may be working alone to share the challenges they are facing and learn from the experiences of other startups. The Garage facilitates this by giving founders the opportunity to share their advice and lessons through panel talks and networking sessions.

Garage events are driven by customer needs; therefore, Garage events are designed to support startups at every stage of their journeys. From founding to building an MVP, growth to scale and exit. The series of events will change regularly based on feedback we get from customers, and the content of every event will be focused on supporting startups with different business challenges and technical topics.

Gabriele Cacciola is co-founder and CTO at Ocyan, a startup that provides an end-to-end cloud operating system for enterprise Blockchains. Gabrielle feels the networking at events like AWS Garage can open doors to new opportunities, sharing that “Networking events are great as you never know who you may meet and when. It’s definitely worthwhile.”

Ocyan now uses AWS services to provide secure solutions to customers. “It’s one of the best solutions for the beginning of your journey and enables you to have a reduced tech team which is cost-effective. Amazon offers a huge amount of services, but you do need to know how to maximize your investment, so events like this are really informative.”

So what is next for the Garage? After a successful pilot in 2019, the Garage team has been creating technical and business focused events for founders, developers and engineers. As with all things AWS, scalability is key, and the 2020 plan is to span beyond London, branching out to new locations to grow the startup community.