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Learn How to Grow Your Startup with Machine Learning on Twitch

Done right, Machine Learning (ML) can be a major differentiator for your startup. While ML can get quite complex, you actually don’t need a team of expensive Data Scientists and ML Engineers to gain real value from ML – like improving customer acquisition or providing personalized recommendations for customers.

Ready to learn more? Then check out our upcoming Twitch training series, Let’s ship it – with AWS! ML Edition to learn how to easily get started with ML. This live, interactive training with AWS Machine Learning experts Aaron Hunter and Fred Graichen will begin on June 2nd and run through July 21st, every Thursday from 4pm – 5:30pm PT. Each session will feature a hands-on ML use case, and we’ll be answering your questions live. Designed for Twitch with startups in mind, this new training series marks the newest Twitch series from AWS Training and Certification.

“On Twitch, you can learn AWS from AWS Experts, which allows interactive collaboration through demos and discussion. As a learner you can ask questions in the chat and have real time impact on the training covered by the host. You can learn as part of a community with an average of 300 learners joining each episode LIVE on Twitch, who help each other answer questions and learn. I love being able to work directly with learners to share knowledge and information, while having fun!”- Aaron Hunter, AWS Senior Technical Trainer and Twitch host

Why you should join

Just like AWS’ ML training resources, startup developers can leverage ML from day one—even without a Data Scientist or ML background. In this upcoming Twitch training, you will learn the basic concepts and processes involved in Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker, as well as how to implement them yourself. If you’re a developer working in a lean startup environment, this training is the perfect place to start—even if you have limited access to data or resources.

Throughout the training, you’ll get hands-on with our AWS ML experts and work through a variety of typical startup use cases from generating personalized customer recommendations to improving marketing efficiency. As we work through the examples together, you can lean on the instructors and AWS experts in the chat if you get stuck or have any questions. If you want to follow along in your own AWS environment, you can create an AWS account and build with us using the Free Tier.

How to sign up

This Twitch series is available to anyone as part of our commitment to train 29 million learners globally by 2025. You can sign up to be notified when each new training is about to air live on Twitch here. If you can’t join live, sign up to receive replay links in your inbox, so you can watch the on-demand episodes after they air. You’ll also get the resources used in each episode, and additional tools to help you on your Machine Learning journey. See you on June 2 at 4pm PT!