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Startup Lightning Talks from the AWS Summit San Francisco

Startup Lightning Talks AWS Summit 2017

This past April, the AWS Summit in San Francisco featured 11 lightning talks given by AWS startup customers and members of the AWS startup business development team. The talks covered topics ranging from serverless and AI to VC fundraising and cybersecurity.

Watch Here:

1. Automating Security in the Cloud: CloudPassage Director of Platform Infrastructure, Brett Langston

2. Data Driven from Day 0: Metabase Founder, Sameer Al-Sakran

3. Developing an Ecosystem of Software to Handle Your Life: Magic Co-founder, Nic Novak

4. How We Process Billions of Pixels of Imagery: Mapbox Product Manager, Camilla Mahon

5. Implementing Strategic Artificial Intelligence Using AWS: Vidora Co-founders, Phillip West and Abhik Majumdar

6. Partnerships and Business Development: AWS Principal BDM & VC BD, Jim Routh

7. Scaling Security Along with Your Teams: CloudCoreo CTO, Paul Allen

8. Going Serverless: Track CTO, Alex Cram

9. The Philosophy of Monitoring: Branch Co-founder, Dmitri Gaskin

10. VC Fundraising 101: AWS Startup Program Manager, Ryan Kiskis

11. Zero to Full Datacenter with Ansible: Spine Founder, Steve Salevan


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