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Seven Experiences from AWS Summit San Francisco That Will Give You FOMO

Thousands of attendees and dozens of vendors gathered at AWS Summit San Francisco, part of a series of free, global, in-person events dedicated to spreading skills and knowledge around AWS’s cloud offerings. Here are seven of those attendee experiences that are guaranteed to give you enough FOMO to immediately register for an AWS Summit near you!

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Synthesis AI FI

Synthesis AI’s Generative AI Platform is Set to Fuel the Next Wave of Computer Vision Innovation

San Francisco-based Synthesis AI has developed technology that generates vast quantities of photorealistic images and pixel-perfect labels to optimize computer vision training. “The world is exploding with cameras,” says Synthesis AI CEO Yashar Behzadi. “As we look at the new world of autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and virtual reality, we’ve been fundamentally limited by traditional approaches.”

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