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AWS Loft Architecture Weeks | February 2019

If you haven’t heard about the AWS Lofts in New York and San Francisco, they are an outstanding resource for startups and developers. One of the key resources that the lofts provide for customers are AWS Architecture Weeks.

Architecture Weeks at the NY and SF AWS Lofts – November 2018

We may be nearing the end of the 2018 but there are no signs of slowing down for the AWS Lofts, located in New York and San Francisco. The AWS Lofts host Architecture Weeks, or a series of technical sessions that are either single or multi-day events. These events are completely free of charge for attendees and are focused on a specific solution or service, such as Security or Machine Learning.

Andre Haddad CEO of Turo at Collision 2018

Turo’s Peer-to-peer Car Marketplace Isn’t Slowing Down

According to Turo CEO Andre Haddad, there are almost 300 million cars in the United States and about 1.1 billion worldwide. While those numbers seem staggering, the average car is only used 10% of the time, per Haddad. Turo looks to fill that gap, offering a marketplace where car owners can rent out their cars to other users when available.

LendUp, Segment and More: Startup Central at the AWS Summit – San Francisco

There is something of value for everyone at the AWS Summits, a free event series that brings the cloud computing community together. These events are intended to provide educational value to attendees of all skill levels and industry backgrounds and demonstrate how they can utilize AWS for designing, deploying, and eventually operating infrastructures and applications. The next AWS Summit is being held in San Francisco on April 4th, where CTO Werner Vogels and Dr. Matt Wood, GM of Artificial Intelligence, will be delivering the keynote.

AWS Startups on Air Featuring Segment

Startups on Air: On the Ground in San Francisco

With 125, 175, and 160 employees, respectively, Periscope Data, Segment, and Turo are all growing companies with some similar startup aesthetics (work anniversary balloons abound in their offices). But each, as you can see in the videos below, is working on a unique problem and trying to keep their customers happy.

AWS Summit 2017

Startup Lightning Talks from the AWS Summit San Francisco

This past April, the AWS Summit in San Francisco featured 11 lightning talks given by AWS startup customers and members of the AWS startup business development team. The talks covered topics ranging from serverless and AI to VC fundraising and cybersecurity.