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AWS Loft Architecture Weeks | February 2019

If you haven’t heard about the AWS Lofts in New York and San Francisco, they are an outstanding resource for startups and developers. One of the key resources that the Lofts provide for customers are AWS Architecture Weeks. This series is focused on specific solutions or products, such as Mobile, Machine Learning, Architecture, Security, and more. These free events for attendees are a series of technical sessions that are hosted each month in New York and San Francisco and are either a single day or span multiple days in one week. During these events, customers have the opportunity to participate in introductory and advanced technical sessions, which are delivered by AWS subject matter experts, customers, and/or partners. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through workshops when attending. The goal of these events is to provide relevant content to help startups and developers onboard or accelerate their usage of AWS.


Interested in participating and learning more? February is approaching quickly and we have a plethora of dynamic events for you at the Lofts! Check out the schedule below to see what’s being offered, for more details, and to register for an event (or a few!).

February 2019 Schedule

New York Loft
San Francisco Loft

For a taste of what’s to come…

Check out some of the videos from 2018 Loft Architecture Weeks.

Erin Schoch

Erin Schoch

Erin Schoch currently works in Startup Marketing at AWS. Prior to joining Amazon, Erin worked in Event Operations for the San Diego Padres after graduating from the University of San Diego.