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Toast Co-Founder on Scalability, the Boston Food Scene, and Where Toast Is Headed Next

Boston-based Toast is a cloud-technology platform that was “purpose-built for the restaurant industry,” says Aman Narang, President and Co-founder of Toast. We recently sat down with Narang to chat about restaurant industry trends, why they picked Boston to headquarter in, what challenges they’re facing, and what’s on the roadmap ahead.

Deliveroo Leverages AWS to Quickly Ship New Products

From PR to production, the Deliveroo Application Platform needs to get developers’ code into running containers as quickly and safely as possible. Check out the above talk from re:Invent 2018 to hear from Ben Cordero, Senior Software Engineer at Deliveroo, about his team’s process for safely shipping software with support for automatic rollbacks, service scaling and configuration management.

Casper AWS Startup

How Casper Delivers from New York to the North Pole

For shoppers who buy a mattress from Casper, all they have to do is hit the “place order” button and a few days later, a mattress shows up on their doorstep. Easy. But for Site Reliability Engineer John Spencer and the rest of his extended team, getting a mattress from order to delivery is a far more complicated process.