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What’s Hot at AWS Pop-up Lofts in June

In case you missed the news, a new AWS Loft will be popping up in the heart of New York City later this month!

The NYC Loft will be located in SoHo, and will feature regular events during the day and in the evenings for developers, entrepreneurs, students, and others interested in learning more about AWS. You can get all the details about the New York AWS Loft and check out the full calendar of events here. Below is peek at some of the hottest activities in June. We look forward to seeing you at the NYC Loft, opening June 24!

Featured Event: New York Pop-up Loft Opening Party

Join us at the AWS Pop-up Loft New York grand opening celebration, where you can mingle with AWS leaders, local hot startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators, and our AWS technical experts. Come enjoy appetizers and drinks, music, free swag, and giveaways. Space is limited and entry is on a first-come first-served basis, so please arrive early. Feel free to bring colleagues and friends — please have each register as well.
Wednesday, June 24, 7pm — 10pm

June Events at the NYC Loft:

Behind the Scenes with Oscar Health: Building an Insurance Company in Three Months Using AWS

Learn how Oscar Health utilized Amazon Web Services to build an insurance company in the cloud in under five months. You’ll discover how over the course of a year they have iterated over their security model, infrastructure automation, chatops, and developer workflows.
Thursday, June 25, 6:30pm — 8pm [New York]

Behind the Scenes with Chartbeat: Building a Production Analytics System on Amazon Redshift

Chartbeat uses Amazon Redshift to process historical data, using it for ad-hoc data analysis by their data science team, batch processing by worker processes, and online querying by customers. This talk covers their production analytics architecture, ETL processes, table design and optimization, and efforts they’ve made to move toward real-time data loading.
Monday, June 29, 6:30pm — 8:00pm [New York]

Picking the Right Tool: HTML5 vs. Unity

If you’re looking to build true cross-platform games there are two great options, HTML5 and Unity, but choosing which one to start with can be difficult. In this talk we will discuss the pros and cons of each platform by looking at the same game built in Phaser ( and Unity.
Tuesday, June 30, 12pm — 1pm [New York]

So You Want to Build a Mobile Game

Services like user authentication, content downloads, and analytics are just a few of the table stakes that are involved in launching today’s mobile games. This session is focused on how you can use the various AWS Services to do most of the heavy lifting for you for all these needs, so you have more time to focus on your game and your players.
Tuesday, June 30, 1:00pm — 4:30pm [New York]

San Francisco Pop-up Loft

Don’t worry, the San Francisco Loft isn’t going anywhere any time soon! As usual, we have an action-packed month of activities, highlighted by a fireside chat with Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels and founding members of Netflix and Adroll. Check out some of this months featured events below, and check out the full calendar of events here.

Featured Event: Fireside Chat with True Innovators and Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO

Jeremy Edberg (Reddit/Netflix) and Valentino Volonghi (Adroll) will be joining Dr Werner Vogels for a fireside chat about startups, technology, entrepreneurship and more. Jeremy and Valentino have been recognized by AWS as Community Heroes, an honor reserved for developers who’ve had a real impact within the community. Following the talk, we’ll kick off a unique networking social including specialty cocktails, beer, wine, food, and party swag!
June 16, 6PM — 9PM [San Francisco]

June Events at the SF Loft:

Amazon EC2 Container Service Deep Dive

Amazon EC2 Container Service is a new AWS service that makes it easy to run and manage Docker-enabled distributed applications across a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. In this session, learn why AWS built the EC2 Container Service, understand some of the core concepts, and walk through how you can use the service for your applications.
Monday, June 15, 1PM — 2PM [San Francisco]

Behind the Scenes with Bugsnag: “Responsive Infrastructure with Autoscaling”

The Bugsnag team will discuss how they built their applications to make the best use of Auto Scaling and AWS to deliver the best service to their customers. The session will cover deploying your application to responsive infrastructure, and talk about techniques you can use to reduce response time so your customers remain unaware that your traffic has increased.
Thursday, June 18, 6PM — 7:30PM [San Francisco]

Five Suggestions for Continuous Delivery with Codeship

For all startups, moving fast, iterating quickly, and building on top of feedback from early users and customers are keys to growing into a successful company. This talk will go into different strategies on how you have to build your team and architecture to make sure you have a successful continuous delivery process.
Thursday, June 25, 6PM — 7:30 PM [San Francisco]

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