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Willkommen! The AWS Pop-Up Loft returns to Munich

AWS Pop-up Loft in Munich Germany











As the third largest city in Germany and home to renowned companies like Seimens AG, BMW, Allianz, and Linde AG, Munich is unsurprisingly home to a number of different startups—particularly in mobility, biotechnology, and the insurance technology.

To tap into and assist the city’s technical talent, the AWS Pop-up Loft in downtown Munich will soon once again open its doors to the public. From November 9th to December 15th, Loft visitors will be able to join tech sessions, learn the fundamentals of AWS, and get hands-on experience in an AI Bootcamp. Attendees will also have an opportunity to dive deeper during one of Loft’s many industry days. And with the help of our friends at Nordcloud, developers, entrepreneurs, and students will all be able to learn, to code, to collaborate, and to ask questions.

The Loft will also provide developers and architects in Munich with access to local technical resources and expertise to help them to build robust and successful cloud-powered applications.

New Location

This year’s loft is located at the very heart of Munich on Neuhauser Street Number 8, right between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz, looking down onto the popular Richard-Strauss Fountain. The loft is open from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday through Friday, with special events in the evening. During the opening hours, you will have complimentary access to the Ask An Architect Bar, daily education sessions, Wi-Fi, a co-working space, coffee, and snack.

Ask an Architect

Step up to the Ask an Architect Bar with your code, architecture diagrams, and your AWS questions at the ready! Sign up for your timeslot here or simply walk in. You will have access to deep technical expertise and be able to get guidance on AWS architecture, usage of specific AWS services and features, cost optimization, and more.

AWS Education Sessions

During the day, AWS Solution Architects, Product Managers, and Evangelists will be leading 60-minute educational sessions designed to help you learn more about specific AWS services and use cases. You can attend these sessions to learn about Serverless Architectures, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, Compute & Networking, Architecture, Security, Machine Learning, and more, all at no charge.

Startup Education & Pitch

Through our programming, attendees can learn how to understand efficient business scaling, recruit the right talent, foster innovation, and market their offerings right.

For startups, in particular, we offer you the opportunity to pitch your company to our team at the Loft. All participants will receive not only valuable advice on how to add value to their company, but also $200 in free AWS credits.

Industry Days & Innovation Lab

Visitors will have an opportunity to learn how AWS and digitalization affect different industries at various Industry Days scheduled at the Loft. Through these themed days, you’ll learn how Amazon’s Alexa changes the way we interact with cars (Automotive Day) or hear how Breuninger is changing the future of the retail business (Retail Day).

In addition, our Innovation Lab is also back. It will feature interactive demos, videos, and other materials designed to explain the benefits of digital transformation and cloud-powered innovation—with a focus on Big Data, mobile applications, and the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Come in and Say Hello

We look forward to connecting with our customers and people interested in AWS at the Loft. Please feel free to stop in and say hello if you happen to find yourself in the city!