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Don’t Miss our May Storage Tech Talks! Featuring Amazon S3 and Hybrid Cloud Storage and Edge Computing

This month we have two storage tech talks for you to attend and dive deep on the newly launched Amazon S3 Batch Operations (read the Jeff Barr blog post) and AWS Hybrid Cloud Storage and Edge Computing (read the storage blog post).

Managing tens to billions of objects at scale with S3 Batch Operations – Tech Talk on May 23 – Register now

In this 300 level webinar you will learn how to manage your objects at scale by executing numerous management operations across tens-to-billions of objects with a single API request or a few clicks in the S3 Management Console.

At the end of this Tech Talk, you will understand the actions you can take with S3 Batch Operations, understand how to create your first S3 Batch Operations job and track progress, and be able to use AWS Lambda functions with S3 Batch Operations.

Who Should Attend? Developers, IT Managers, Data Scientists, Storage Administrators

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AWS Hybrid Cloud Storage and Edge Computing – Tech Talk on May 28 – Register now

In this 200 level webinar an AWS storage solution architect will provide a briefing on AWS services for hybrid cloud storage and edge computing architectures. We will also cover key recent launches, including block storage for AWS Snowball Edge, which expands the workloads you can support with Amazon EC2 for disconnected environments.

In this Tech Talk you will get an overview of the AWS portfolio of offerings for hybrid cloud storage and edge computing, learn about edge computing in disconnected or intermittently connected environments, and assess which of your workloads you can serve with AWS hybrid cloud storage architectures

Who Should Attend? IT Managers, IT Directors, IT Architects, IT Administrators

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