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AWS simplifies program for AWS Partners to offer, deliver, resell AWS Training

AWS Training Partners are currently aligned to the AWS Partner Network to deliver and sell AWS Training. Today, we are pleased to announce an evolution to the AWS Training Partner Program, which combines the previous three programs: 1/AWS Training Partners; 2/Digital Training Partners; and 3/Resellers into one program.

AWS Training Partners will be able to serve as a single-source solution for all AWS Training to meet their customers’ needs. The new program is designed to offer increased flexibility and choice to both AWS Partners and their customers.

The global cloud computing industry is expected to reach $832.1 billion by 2025, and organizations looking to maximize their investment in the AWS Cloud are integrating training into their digital transformation initiatives. Customers often choose different delivery options to meet their training needs, whether classroom, virtual classroom, and digital courses. Additionally, customers may have unique purchasing requirements, and need Partners who understand their unique processes, as well as their short- and long-term goals. The new and improved AWS Training Partner Program gives Partners choice in how they service their customers’ learning needs, simplifies how they do business with AWS and with their customers, and positions them as the trusted advisor to their customers.

Emphasizing the importance of Training Partners to AWS Training and Certification, Maureen Lonergan, director of AWS Training and Certification, shared, “Our Training Partners are an important extension of AWS Training and Certification, allowing customers around the world—from individual learners, to enterprise organizations—to gain the cloud skills they need to advance their careers and innovate for their business. With the AWS Training Partner Program, AWS Training Partners can offer a simplified path to help customers achieve their learning goals, while building even more sustainable businesses to serve the needs of AWS customers in the future.”

Single source for AWS Training to customers

AWS Training and Certification designed the new AWS Training Partner Program to support AWS Training Partners with the choice and flexibility to choose the right format and AWS-authored training content to meet their customers’ needs. AWS Training Partners can serve as single source to customers with the ability to offer, deliver, and/or resell both AWS Classroom Training and AWS Digital Training. The program provides AWS Training Partners with the tools and resources to sell, incorporate, and deliver all AWS Training for which they qualify, while offering guidance and resources on how to effectively position AWS Training services. Only members of the AWS Training Partner Program can offer, deliver, and/or resell AWS Training—the only training developed by the experts at AWS.

An AWS Partner since 2013, QA Ltd in the UK, is supportive of the enhanced AWS Training Partner Program, including the ability to deliver multiple training modalities and increased marketing support.

“With organizations across the UK under pressure to attract, retain, and build cloud talent, it’s more important than ever that the AWS community has streamlined access to the very latest AWS Training, and that AWS Training Partners offer training in a range of modalities that maximizes learning opportunities,” said Stuart Martin, managing director at QA Ltd. “The increased investment in resources, including marketing development funds and dedicated partner management, will make it even easier for employers and individuals alike to source the very best cloud skills needed to deliver the ambitious digital transformation projects that will fuel the UK’s recovery from the global pandemic.”

Similarly, Altron People Solutions, an AWS Partner since September 2019, has also enjoyed a successful relationship with AWS, delivering AWS classroom training and customer events in the EMEA region. With the new program, Altron plans to expand their offerings through resellers.

“The new AWS Training Partner Program will allow us to take our AWS instructor-led courses and digital courses to market as a seamless solution with multiple AWS Training modalities, and ties into the new strategy of the APS Learning Solutions division to digitally transform our offerings,” said Pieter Nel, Executive Learning Solutions at Altron People Solutions. “We can also further our sales reach through partnering with selected resellers that complement the Altron People Solutions values.”

Two Tier Training Partner Model

To help customers select an AWS Training Partner and provide recognition of our Partners’ excellence in training, we have also introduced dedicated tier designations: AWS Advanced – Training Partners and AWS Select – Training Partners.

All official AWS Training Partners are selected based on their quality and expertise in providing training, and are required to continually meet the program criteria to maintain their AWS Training Partner status and membership. These requirements are complemented by reciprocal benefits including, opportunity sharing, co-marketing support, enhanced enablement, and a simplified route for Training Partners to work with AWS.

ExitCertified (Tech Data), QA Ltd, and Altron People Services have all qualified for AWS Advanced – Training Partner status. ExitCertified began upskilling IT professionals with AWS Cloud skills in 2014 and has grown its partnership with AWS since.

“Being recognized in the top tier of the AWS Training Partner Program highlights our breadth and depth of AWS Training expertise,” said Mark McCreath, vice president, Education and Training Solutions at Tech Data. “This new advanced status will deepen the collaborative relationship we have with AWS in partner management, marketing, and customer success. We often hear stories from customers about how AWS Cloud skills have transformed their business. With this AWS Advanced – Training Partner status, our customers know they’ll receive a high-quality, end-to-end customer experience—including learning needs analysis, official training content delivered by an AWS Authorized Instructor, and preparation assistance for AWS Certification exams.”

Getting started with AWS Training Partner Program

Existing AWS Training Partners are automatically aligned to this new program and can get started with content they are qualified for within AWS Partner Central, gaining access to the most relevant programs and benefits, while retaining access to all existing resources.

All members of the AWS Partner Network are eligible to apply to the AWS Training Partner Program. If you would like to find out more about how you can extend your business with AWS, please visit the AWS Training Partner Program.