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Boosting digital skills training accessibility across APJ

Over the next decade, the cloud computing industry will be a steady source of new jobs as the world digitally transforms. However, a report commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) shows that to keep pace with technological change, the number of workers applying digital skills in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region will need to increase more than five-fold by 2025. That’s one reason why a year ago, Amazon made a global commitment to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to help 29 million people globally grow their digital skills with free cloud computing skills training by 2025.

Our goal is to provide cloud computing and technical skills training to people from all walks of life and all levels of knowledge. We’re working to make training broadly accessible in the APJ region to equip individuals and teams with the skills needed to leverage the benefits of the cloud in an increasingly digital world.

AWS is strongly committed to this pledge, and we’ve continued to expand access to cloud skills training. Our cloud computing training is helping people across APJ learn new digital skills and improve their employability, allowing some to pivot from traditional industries into the digital workforce and others to start a career in technology.

Here are some of the stories of individuals who have taken part in our programs across the region.

Rejoining the workforce

AWS re/Start is a global, full-time, digital skills training program that prepares unemployed, underemployed, and people between jobs for careers in cloud computing and connects them to potential employers. The program helped Joe Howe, a 37-year-old from Bray Park, Queensland, Australia, reignite his career. Joe is a cloud engineer who used the program to help him rejoin the employment market after spending five years taking care of his young son. Despite his previous experience in IT, Joe’s break from work to be a full-time parent meant it was challenging for him to find a new job.

“It was wonderful to spend five years with my son, but it was virtually impossible to find a job after being out of the workforce for so long, despite my prior IT experience,” he said. Through AWS re/Start, Joe received the latest training on cloud computing, helping him secure a job within a week of graduation as a cloud engineer with Brisbane-based AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and cloud adoption specialist, Itoc.

“The AWS re/Start program included hands-on problem-solving tests where we had to think outside of the box and try different methods to find the solution, which allowed me to immerse myself further into the world of cloud computing. Right after completing AWS re/Start, I was offered two jobs, which was a great boost to my confidence. And, I just passed my AWS Certified Developer –Associate exam, which validates that I understand and can apply the right AWS services for future AWS projects. Being back in the workforce feels fantastic, and I still get to spend a lot of time with my son.”

Pivoting to digital

AWS re/Start is also helping 28-year-old electrical engineer Sahithi Katnapally in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, pivot to a career in cloud computing. Since graduating with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, Sahithi found it challenging to find a job. Her husband, a software engineer, encouraged Sahithi to learn software programs and introduced her to the AWS re/Start program.

“Even though I have a degree in engineering, I found it hard to find a job with electrical companies,” said Sahithi. “I started learning different software but still couldn’t find a job. And then the pandemic hit, and I lost hope of joining the engineering workforce,” she said.

Still, Sahithi recognized the potential of cloud computing as an emerging technology, and she became excited about the possibility of a career in the cloud. “This idea led me to join the first cohort of the AWS re/Start program in India, which was designed for individuals like myself who are struggling to find employment. The instructors are very helpful, and the hard and soft skills I learned have made me more confident in my abilities and I am now on a career path to cloud computing.”

Igniting passion for tech

School teacher Sri Mintarsih Fatimah is part of Laptops for Builders, a free program in Indonesia that teaches high school and vocational students about cloud fundamentals in their local language. The program also provides laptops to schools across the country to aid learning. Fatimah works at the SMA Negri 2 school in Yogyakarta, and she used AWS Training programs to learn about cloud computing. “Before joining the program, I didn’t know anything about cloud computing,” she remarked.

With the Laptop for Builders program, Fatimah can bring her new knowledge into the classroom and help her students. “The training provided by AWS gave me the skills and tools to help my students, who were initially reluctant to participate, as they also had no knowledge about cloud computing or AWS as a company,” she continued. “But after their first lesson, I saw a huge increase in enthusiasm, with students developing their own platforms, creating websites, and building their own online games. Even students who were previously disengaged from schoolwork joined in. This program ignited many students’ passion for technology.”

Laptops for Builders is also inspiring young learners across Indonesia to choose technology as a career. Muhammad Naufal Khoirul is a student at Madrasah Aliyah Mu’allimin Muhammadiyah in Yogyakarta. During the pandemic, he started taking free AWS programming classes and continued learning about cloud computing with the Laptops for Builders program at his school. He’s now working toward a career in technology.

“The pandemic started when I was in the 10th grade, and our school closed and everyone was sent home. I decided to learn more about technology and programming and took free online courses, including the Back-End Developer Learning Path from AWS on Dicoding,” he said. “Then, through the Laptop for Builders training, which I took in 11th grade, I deepened my understanding of cloud computing. I want to continue learning about the information technology space, and through my career make a positive impact on Indonesia.”

Cloud learning opportunities in higher education

Singaporean learner and Information Systems student at Singapore Management University, Lance Fu, accelerated his cloud career with AWS Academy. The program provides higher-education institutions with a free, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that prepares students to pursue industry-recognized AWS Certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.

AWS Academy was part of Lance’s first-year module class, and he developed a keen interest in cloud technology during the program. “I joined university after getting my diploma in cybersecurity from a polytechnic,” said Lance. “Since then, I have explored various services on AWS Academy and am fascinated by how the cloud makes computing secure.”

“The hands-on labs and AWS Training courses have helped me build my understanding of cloud architecture and helped me see the bigger picture. Taking the next step and getting AWS Certified has boosted my confidence in my cloud computing skills and my future career aspirations.” Lance continues to learn from AWS Academy to improve his skills and get hands-on experience. After graduation, he wants to apply his skills as a cloud cybersecurity professional.

Digital skill training is available to all

Digital and cloud skills will continue to be crucial as our society emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to make it easier for anyone with a desire to learn to build these in-demand skills. We’re proud to see that AWS Training has helped people across the region—from young students to professionals who are looking to change careers and build new skills—and we’re just getting started.

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