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When Artificial Intelligence becomes more than a passion

When you have a degree in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, and a job with a company in that field, what more is there to learn? Dipayan Das believes the opportunity to learn is never over. Before finding a role that allowed him to focus on his original passion—AI—he experienced success as a big data developer. After nearly five years of demonstrating his prowess with data lakes and other large-scale data solutions, Dipayan decided it was time to get back to his AI roots and started searching for opportunities. He joined Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) in his native India as a technical consultant before bringing his expertise to the company’s San Jose, California campus.

When Dipayan pivoted to his new job , he knew an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification that validated his AI knowledge and skills would bring his academic background up to date. And because he’d been introduced to AWS Cloud solutions even before coming to the U.S., he knew AWS Training and Certification was an authoritative source for advancing his skills.

Leaders in Dipayan’s firm agree. “Since he achieved his AWS Certification, Dipayan has been at the center of solidifying our AWS-based solutions,” says John Simmons, a principal in PwC’s Analytic Insights Practice. “He is able to apply the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure that as we develop our solutions, that they are secure, scale, and offer a world-class level of monitoring and resiliency to our clients.”

Here’s more of Dipayan Das’ story, in his own words.

The benefits of continuous learning and AWS Certifications

I started to look into the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification because I believe in the value of certification. AWS Certification goes hand-in-hand with the ability to put your knowledge into practice. It gives you credibility as a professional.

In my role as a manager of Cloud and Digital-Analytics Insights at PwC, I oversee the creation of solutions for large-scale data implementations, data lakes, and migrations. Working across different segments of the consulting firm’s clientele, including media, entertainment, and health care organizations, I’ve found that using AWS and ML algorithms such as AWS SageMaker, a cloud machine learning platform, Data Wrangler, Comprehend, Transcribe, and Lex helps me extract more value from data. The knowledge gained earning my AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification helped me optimize existing infrastructures and achieve enhanced results at a lower cost.

For example, my team and I provided a solution for a healthcare client using AWS SageMaker. Compared with the solution they were previously using, my approach optimized cost by fine tuning the model with a pre-trained one, and increased efficiency by 3%.

Preparing for the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification

One centerpiece of my certification preparation was the AWS Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty webinar which can be found on the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty page. When preparing for this certification, I found that the exam readiness for AWS Certified Machine Learning course was one of the best, not only to prepare for the certification but to know the services as well. It connected the dots and helped me to think more from an operations point of view. I’d already worked with data algorithms, but I wasn’t as much focused on the operational part. This learning gave me the opportunity to make the process more streamlined. Now, when I develop architecture, it’s not only better from the data perspective, but better for the end user.

Some of the training modules I selected are better suited for those with more cloud experience. I recommend coming in with a basic understanding of AI/Machine Learning (ML) fundamentals, an awareness of AWS services—and a readiness to take on new concepts. For a person who has this foundation, this training will help expand your knowledge. I view it as an accelerator—a performance booster.

A career boost—and a personal one

AWS Training and Certification boosted my confidence. I maintain a blog to share what I learn with colleagues. Thanks to my AWS Training and earning my AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification, I know I can communicate more effectively about AWS ML services and solutions across various organizational levels of my clients’ teams or within my own organization. In turn, I’m better able to help others and become a better data architect. I can bring more value.

Get started today

PwC encourages its team members to take advantage of AWS Training and Certification opportunities. “The outcome of this program has been a significant growth in our client programs centered on AWS solutions,” Simmons says. “Our clients demand expertise in relevant AWS solutions. Our ability to advise clients in their architecture, and in helping them to implement these solutions, is predicated on our ability to field a certified, hands-on team.”

Learn more about AWS Training and Certification, get an overview of AWS Certifications and pick the one that best suits your career level and goals, and use AWS Skill Builder training resources to prepare for exams.