Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Easily store, manage, and deploy container images

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is a fully-managed Docker container registry that makes it easy for developers to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images. Amazon ECR is integrated with Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), simplifying your development to production workflow. Amazon ECR eliminates the need to operate your own container repositories or worry about scaling the underlying infrastructure. Amazon ECR hosts your images in a highly available and scalable architecture, allowing you to reliably deploy containers for your applications. Integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides resource-level control of each repository. With Amazon ECR, there are no upfront fees or commitments. You pay only for the amount of data you store in your repositories and data transferred to the Internet.


Fully managed

Amazon Elastic Container Registry eliminates the need to operate and scale the infrastructure required to power your container registry. There is no software to install and manage or infrastructure to scale. Just push your container images to Amazon ECR and pull the images using any container management tool when you need to deploy.


Amazon Elastic Container Registry transfers your container images over HTTPS and automatically encrypts your images at rest. You can configure policies to manage permissions and control access to your images using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and roles without having to manage credentials directly on your EC2 instances.

Highly available

Amazon Elastic Container Registry has a highly scalable, redundant, and durable architecture. Your container images are highly available and accessible, allowing you to reliably deploy new containers for your applications.

Simplified workflow

Amazon Elastic Container Registry integrates with Amazon ECS and the Docker CLI, allowing you to simplify your development and production workflows. You can easily push your container images to Amazon ECR using the Docker CLI from your development machine, and Amazon ECS can pull them directly for production deployments.

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