AWS Elemental Conductor is an on-premises solution for managing live video workflow applications. It offers high availability, secure administration and comprehensive monitoring of video encoding and delivery tasks through an easy-to-use web-based user interface. Customer-defined redundancy supports continuous signal flow and uninterrupted services. Comprehensive alerting and reporting capabilities simplify status monitoring, maintaining quality of service and providing operational confidence. You can deploy AWS Elemental Conductor on-premises as appliances or as AWS-licensed software on your infrastructure.

Key features

Task management

AWS Elemental Conductor lets you manage the workloads of multiple encoders in real time. Start, stop, and edit video channels with confidence. Task-based controls offer a streamlined approach for simultaneously controlling hundreds of channels.

Flexible resilience

Keeping live video workflows up and running is a top priority. AWS Elemental Conductor lets you set up redundant encoders as failover targets and define the level of redundancy you need to meet your goals for resilience and uptime. Use AWS Elemental Conductor to easily configure 1+1, N+M, and N+1 redundancy groups with manual or automatic redundancy switching. 

Comprehensive monitoring

Real-time visibility into the status of live video workflows helps quickly identify any issues that could impact service delivery or the viewing experience. AWS Elemental Conductor lets you monitor all video processing systems simultaneously, and visually confirm channel status for each encoder. Aggregated alerts and messages with advanced filtering simplify monitoring and fault management.

Secure administration

Maintain security of your live video workflow with control over who has access to your encoders and each user’s level of authorization. Authenticated user access for system control and monitoring is available. Audit logs are maintained for individual user actions and changes.