What is AWS Elemental Conductor?

AWS Elemental Conductor is an on-premises video network management system for AWS Elemental Live applications. It offers high availability, secure administration, and comprehensive monitoring of video encoding and delivery tasks through an easy-to-use web-based user interface. Customer-defined 1+1, N+M, or N+1 redundancy provide continuous signal flow and uninterrupted services. Comprehensive alerting and reporting capabilities simplify status monitoring, maintaining quality of service and providing operational confidence. AWS Elemental Conductor delivers operational efficiencies by reducing the complexity of cluster management while enabling scalability and stability of multi-node appliance or software deployments.

Can I use AWS Elemental Conductor with AWS Media Services?

AWS Elemental Conductor is designed to manage AWS Elemental Live appliances and software on-premises. While on-premises workflows that use AWS Elemental Conductor can easily integrate with AWS Cloud services, AWS Media Services, including AWS Elemental MediaLive, are managed through the AWS Management Console.

Does AWS Elemental Conductor provide secure administration?

Yes, AWS Elemental Conductor provides authenticated user access for system control and monitoring with configurable user levels. Audit logs are maintained for user actions and modifications, providing cluster management oversight.

Does AWS Elemental Conductor simplify channel configurations?

Yes, AWS Elemental Conductor simplifies channel configuration and helps you avoid time-consuming and error-prone tasks associated with creating video services using the same settings. AWS Elemental Conductor provides operators the confidence channels are operating in expected configurations, avoiding common errors that occur when configuring a large number of channels.

Does AWS Elemental Conductor simplify managing my AWS Elemental Live cluster?

Yes, AWS Elemental Conductor reduces operational maintenance windows required during software updates. You benefit from software enhancements and feature additions with centralized version control across your cluster. Upgrade individual systems to verify AWS Elemental Live software updates and feature additions before updating an entire cluster.