AWS Elemental Conductor

Simplify management for on-premises video encoding

AWS Elemental Live encodes live video content for a single channel or thousands of channels. As video providers scale out their video encoding appliance deployments, administering and monitoring encoding infrastructure can present significant challenges, particularly if encoders are managed individually. By providing easy-to-use, centralized management of AWS Elemental Live encoding nodes, AWS Elemental Conductor is designed to simplify management and monitoring of live video encoding resources at scale.
AWS Elemental Conductor is an on-premises management system for AWS Elemental Live encoder nodes. It allows you to easily and efficiently manage individual encoders or large encoder clusters. AWS Elemental Conductor offers high availability, secure administration, and comprehensive monitoring of video processing and delivery through an easy-to-use web interface. It takes the complexity out of scaling video channels and workflows, letting you manage hundreds of live channels across encoders while ensuring configurations are synchronized. Available on-premises as appliances or as AWS-licensed software on your infrastructure, AWS Elemental Conductor lets you deploy and manage video infrastructure wherever you need it.

How it Works

Customer Use Case

Sky is the largest pay TV provider in the UK. The company’s OTT service infrastructure uses AWS Elemental Live as the video processing engine in a workflow controlled by AWS Elemental Conductor. During live streaming, IP channel inputs are fed to AWS Elemental Live software, which encodes original and aggregated linear content in real time for delivery to mobile devices and the web.


Gain efficiencies, reduce costs

With AWS Elemental Conductor, you can easily manage multiple AWS Elemental encoders. Command and control video processing clusters from a single user interface for significantly reduced equipment costs and management overhead.

Maintain resilient video services

Define the level of system redundancy needed across your video resources to achieve your desired level of service resilience. AWS Elemental Conductor software supports N+1 and N+M node-based failover and recovery of channels to keep your services online and delivering content to your viewers.

Streamline setup and administration

AWS Elemental Conductor incorporates REST / XML APIs and for easy integration into existing live and linear workflows, such as live events and 24/7 channel playout. Use built-in templates to simplify channel creation. Manage version control and push software updates across entire clusters from one interface. Through easy-to-update software, AWS Elemental Conductor keeps pace with industry standards so you can continue to deliver high-quality video as screens and devices evolve.

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