Epic on AWS

Epic customers can leverage AWS services to upgrade their security posture, provide elasticity to scale on-demand, improve disaster recovery and business continuity, and increase operational performance system wide. By migrating Epic workloads to AWS, organizations can focus less on data center management and more on improving the quality of care and outcomes for the patients and communities they serve. 

Benefits of deploying Epic on AWS

Migrating Epic workloads to the cloud enables customers to focus on improving care quality and outcomes for the patients and communities they serve by utilizing the complementary AWS services that enhance clinician, patient, and employee experiences.

Cost savings

AWS customers can reduce their operating costs by auto-scaling infrastructure resources based upon demand rather than designing and running for peak demand at all times, removing the guesswork of over-or under-provisioning infrastructure.

Modular / hybrid designs

AWS works closely with Epic to validate and continue to optimize Epic environments on AWS to strive for the best customer experience with unprecedented levels of scalability, reliability, and agility. 

Increased performance and uptime

Leveraging the elasticity of AWS accommodates changing user demands with little to no downtime without the lock-in of traditional on-premises infrastructure. Customers can reduce unplanned downtime using automation and orchestration to manage workloads.

Fast Epic releases for end user innovation

Epic quarterly releases can be deployed faster, and infrastructure can be easily right sized for yearly growth. Traditional IT tasks can be automated by 50% to free up resources to focus on differentiating activities.

Organizations deploying Epic on AWS

Piedmont Healthcare

Discover how Piedmont Healthcare and Deloitte developed an Epic on AWS proof of concept for migrating its Epic training workloads to the cloud in 6 weeks, saving almost 50% of its annual costs.

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"Choosing AWS enabled us to work alongside highly skilled individuals to rapidly move our migration forward.”

Geoff Brown
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Piedmont Healthcare

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Implementing Epic in the Cloud

Watch to learn how Epic on AWS can help you lower your total cost of ownership, improve your security posture, scale on demand, improve disaster recovery, and increase operational performance system-wide.

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Epic on AWS Solution Brief

Download the solution brief to for a quick synopsis on the services, benefits, and partners associated with the Epic on AWS solution.

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AWS on Air 2020: Voice of the Customer – Deloitte & Piedmont

Watch Geoff Brown, CIO, Piedmont and Eric Foote, Managing Director, Deloitte discuss why Piedmont Healthcare trusts AWS and Deloitte to migrate their Epic workloads to the cloud, best practices gleaned during the deployment, and cost savings realized.

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Piedmont Healthcare Projected to Save 49% Annually by Migrating to AWS

Discover how Piedmont Healthcare and Deloitte developed an Epic on AWS proof of concept for migrating its Epic training workloads to the cloud in 6 weeks, saving almost 50% of its annual costs.

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Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare

Download this whitepaper to better understand how to leverage the clinical data in your Electronic Health Record system using AWS services to transform your clinician, patient, and employee experiences.

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Partner solutions

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