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Founded in the Netherlands in 1891, at the dawn of electricity, Philips first developed cost-effective, reliable incandescent light bulbs before expanding to early medical X-ray imaging, personal care electronics, and even the invention of the CD and DVD. More recently, Philips has honed its focus on creating innovative technological solutions for health and well-being, building its HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP) on AWS to drive improved patient outcomes.

Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform Speeds Healthcare Innovation on AWS


Philips built HSDP on AWS to enable virtually unlimited scalability, faster time-to-market, and simplified privacy and security compliance for innovative healthcare and life science solutions. HSDP combines the power, security, and flexibility of AWS services with Philips’ healthcare expertise to bring innovation to the industry.

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A Tour of Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform Powered by AWS


Philips HSDP offers an orchestrated collection of ready-to-use, regulatory-compliant cloud platform services built natively on AWS. HSDP services such as HealthSuite Host, HealthSuite Authorize, and HealthSuite Connect rely on a range of AWS solutions, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and AWS IoT Core, to enable Philips’ customers to easily connect devices and collect, aggregate, store, and analyze electronic health data.

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How Philips Turns the AWS Cloud into a Telehealth Business


An early adopter of AWS, Philips sought to create HDSP as a healthcare solution that leveraged the benefits of the cloud for improved patient outcomes. It migrated 44 PB of medical imaging and other data to the AWS Cloud, even while reducing storage costs and simplifying connectivity for medical devices.

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Philips Uses Amazon Redshift for Large Data Workloads


Philips uses data to drive decisions, and, when its on-premises database solutions couldn’t handle the amount of data in 37 million records, it turned to AWS. Philips set up Attunity CloudBeam, an AWS Marketplace product for Amazon Redshift, in less than one minute to simplify, accelerate and automate data transfers to the AWS Cloud. Before AWS, the company’s fastest data transfers were 434 records per minute. Using AWS, the company transferred 37 million records in 90 minutes and can optimize large data sets within two hours.

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Philips Uses AWS to Analyze 15 PB of Patient Data


Philips HSDP analyzes and stores 15 PB of patient data gathered from 390 million imaging studies, medical records, and patient inputs to provide healthcare providers with actionable data, which they can use to directly impact patient care. Running on AWS provides the reliability, performance and scalability that Philips needs to help protect patient data as its global digital platform grows at the rate of one petabyte per month.

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By running Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform on AWS, we're able to provide our customers with the power, security, and flexibility of AWS services with the healthcare-specific added value we've built on top."

Dale Wiggins
Vice President and General Manager of Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, Philips

This is My Architecture: Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform

Philips walks through the architecture for Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform – Connect, which provides cloud-based services for connected medical devices. Learn how it supports multiple connectivity and device authentication options by leveraging a combination of AWS IoT, API Gateway, and other AWS services.

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Philips Healthcare: Connected Medical Devices in the Cloud
IoT for Healthcare

KORE Leverages Philips HealthSuite for Managed IoT in Healthcare
In this presentation, IoT pioneer KORE Wireless explains how it uses Philips HDSP’s managed connectivity service to reduce costs and speed time to market for its business in the healthcare space.
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Accelerating Clinical Trials

Philips Launches HealthSuite Clinical Trial Accelerator to Help Life Science Organizations Run More Flexible, Patient-Centric Clinical Trials
Built on AWS, Philips HealthSuite is an integrated, modular set of standards-based capabilities that support the development of digital propositions across the health continuum, encompassing HIPAA compliant, secure cloud capabilities. Clinical Trial Accelerator enables patient-centric trials at home, managing the collection of data while providing the security and compliance expected from both patients and life science organizations.
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Building Compliant Devices

How Philips Uses AWS IoT to Build Compliant Devices for Regulated Industries
Sr. Director of Operations & Infrastructure IT Rich Ridolfo explains how Philips built HealthSuite Digital Platform, a healthcare cloud infrastructure, on an AWS IoT architecture to provide data privacy, regulatory compliance, and open, highly secure, platform-as-a-service capabilities for healthcare providers and their patients.
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Hybrid Cloud Healthcare

Philips Extends Cloud Capabilities to On-Premises Servers with AWS Outposts
Philips deployed AWS Outposts to support low latency and local data processing needs to improve healthcare outcomes. In this video, Sr. Director of Operations & Infrastructure IT Rich Ridolfo delves into how AWS Outposts extend Philips’ AWS infrastructure, services, and APIs to more than 70,000 on-premises servers across 1,200 locations to create a seamless hybrid experience for both Philips IT administrators and the healthcare providers that rely on Philips technology.
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Smart Medication Monitoring

Ypsomed Develops Medication Adherence & Smart Devices for Clinical Trials on Philips' HSDP
Watch the on-demand webinar, or read the case study to learn how Ypsomed adopted Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform (HSDP), a cloud platform built on AWS. HSDP allows Ypsomed to connect devices to the cloud and remotely manage them; store data; and manage and scale services in multiple geographies within healthcare regulatory, privacy, and security requirements.
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Healthcare innovation

Philips Brings IoT Innovation to Healthcare with AWS
Learn how AWS Professional Services and Philips worked to build a new core IoT platform for device management, data storage, and data integration leveraging AWS technologies. HSDP is built using AWS IoT and a serverless, microservices-based architecture based on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.
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Future of Technology in Healthcare

What Healthcare Can Learn From Amazon
Philips Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas shares his conversation with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on the future of technology in healthcare.
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Creating HSDP on AWS

Philips Uses AWS for Connected Healthcare
Philips' Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Jeroen Tas, discusses his vision for IoT in healthcare and why they are platforming on AWS.
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