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Announcing AWS Machine Learning Heroes (plus new AWS Community Heroes)

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The AWS Heroes program helps developers find inspiration and build skills from community leaders who have extensive AWS knowledge and a passion for sharing their expertise with others. The program continues to evolve to align with technology trends and recognize community leaders who focus on specific technical disciplines.

Today we are excited to launch a new category of AWS Heroes: AWS Machine Learning Heroes.


Introducing AWS Machine Learning Heroes
AWS Machine Learning Heroes are developers and academics who are passionate enthusiasts of emerging AI/ML technologies. Proficient with deep learning frameworks such as MXNet, PyTorch, and Tensorflow, they are early adopters of Amazon ML technologies and enjoy teaching others how to use machine learning APIs such as Amazon Rekognition (computer vision) and Amazon Comprehend (natural language processing).

Developers from beginner to advanced ML proficiency can learn and apply ML at speed and scale through Hero blog posts, videos, sessions, as well as direct engagement. Our initial cohort of Machine Learning Heroes includes:


Agustinus Nalwan – Melbourne, Australia

Agustinus NalwanAgustinus (aka Gus) is the Head of AI at Carsales. He has extensive experience in Deep Learning, setting up distributed training EC2 clusters for deep learning on AWS, and is an advocate of Amazon SageMaker to simplify the machine learning pipeline.







Cyrus Wong – Hong Kong

Cyrus WongCyrus Wong is a Data Scientist at the IT Department of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. He has achieved all 9 AWS Certifications and builds AI/ML projects with his students using Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Polly, and Amazon Comprehend.







Gillian McCann – Belfast, United Kingdom

Gillian McCannGillian is Head of Cloud Engineering & AI at Workgrid Software. A passionate advocate of cloud native architecture, Gillian leads a team who explores how AWS conversational AI can be leveraged to improve the employee experience.







Matthew Fryer – London, United Kingdom

Matthew FryerMatt leads a team who develops new data science/algorithm functions at and the Expedia Affiliate Network. He has spoken at AWS Summits and other conferences on why machine learning is important to







Sung Kim – Seoul, South Korea

Sung KimSung is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His online deep learning course, including how to use AWS ML services has more than 4M views and 27K subscribers.







Please meet our latest AWS Community Heroes
Also this month we are excited to introduce you to four new AWS Community Heroes:

John Varghese – Mountain View, USA

John VargheseJohn is a Cloud Steward at Intuit responsible for the AWS infrastructure of Intuit’s Futures Group. He runs the AWS Bay Area meetup in the San Francisco Peninsula and has organized multiple AWS Community Day events in the Bay Area.







Serhat Can – Istanbul, Turkey

Serhat CanSerhat is a Technical Evangelist at Atlassian. He is a community organizer as well as a speaker. As a Devopsdays core team member he helps local DevOps communities organize events in 70+ countries and counting.







Bryan Chasko – Las Cruces, USA

Bryan ChaskoBryan is Chief Technology Officer at Electronic Caregiver. A Solutions Architect and Big Data specialist, Bryan uses Amazon Sumerian to apply Augmented and Virtual Reality based solutions to real world business challenges.







Sathyajith Bhat – Bangalore, India

Sathyajith BhatSathyajith Bhat is a DevOps Engineer for Adobe I/O. He is the author of Practical Docker with Python; and organizer of AWS Bangalore Users Group Meetup, AWS Community Day Bangalore, and Barcamp Bangalore.






To learn more about the AWS Heroes program or to connect with an AWS Hero in your community, click here.

Cameron Peron

Cameron Peron