John Varghese, Cloud Steward at Intuit

 Mountain View, USA

 Hero since 2018

John Varghese is a Cloud Steward at Intuit responsible for the AWS infrastructure of Intuit’s Futures Group. He also helps Intuit recruit exceptional people in engineering, user experience, and data analytics. John works together with their Talent Acquisition team, for instance, promoting the challenging problems Intuit is trying to solve, at top top tier schools like Stanford.

He runs the AWS Bay Area meetup in the San Francisco Peninsula Area for both beginners and intermediate AWS users. He has also organized multiple AWS Community Day events in the Bay Area. He runs a Slack channel just for AWS users. You can contact him there directly via Slack. He has a deep understanding of AWS solutions from both strategic and tactical perspectives. An avid AWS user since 2012, he evangelizes AWS and DevOps every chance he gets.

John is keen on exploiting advances in technology for the betterment of society. He loves watching science channels on YouTube. He is a very enthusiastic supporter of the DevOps movement. In that role, John mentors engineers and encourages them to adopt the DevOps culture. He occassionally speaks at conferences and user groups, on topics ranging from the applications of Artificial Intelligence to using automation to secure your AWS infrastructure.

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