Bryan Chasko

AWS Community Hero

 Bryan Chasko, Chief Technology Officer at Electronic Caregiver

 Las Cruces, USA

 Hero since 2018

Bryan Chasko is Chief Technology Officer at Electronic Caregiver, where he manages a multi-disciplined team of Engineers, Computer Scientists, 3D Artists, Healthcare, and Biomedical professionals. Bryan has been a huge advocate for AWS game services, and more recently on the rapid iteration and massive deployment capabilities of Amazon Sumerian to apply these concepts to the business world via Augmented and Virtual Reality. Utilizing Sumerian, Bryan's team is deploying these technologies into new Addison Care systems featuring a conversational virtual host and intuitive accessible controls. He has advocated for these technologies both in industry and academia, and worked to establish the Addison Care Virtual Reality Laboratory at New Mexico State University.

In Addison Care systems, his team has found innovative ways of integrating the worlds of IoT, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence to create seamless integrations of the technologies into the lives of patients in a HIPAA compliant manner. His architectures focus heavily on model improvement; utilizing big data services like Redshift alongside Machine Learning model training in SageMaker, to improve performance on software deployed to location with AWS IoT Core and Greengrass, resulting in improved performance for the end user.  

A Solutions Architect and Big Data specialist, Bryan can be frequently found at AWS Lofts and other AWS events, advocating for the latest techniques in implementing new AWS services and architectures. As a big believer on focusing on innovation, he encourages managers and executives across industry to utilize serverless techniques to keep their developers focused on proprietary technology creation, rather than maintenance and administration.

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