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Introducing the newest Heroes of the year – March 2024

AWS Heroes are inspirational thought leaders who go above and beyond to knowledge share in a variety of ways. You can find them speaking at local meetups, AWS Community Days, or even at re:Invent. And these technical experts are never done learning—they’re passionate about solving problems and creating content to enable the community to build […]

AWS Heroes

Meet the final cohort of AWS Heroes this year – November 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we’re celebrating our final Heroes cohort launch of the year! These technical experts are passionate about helping their local communities build faster on AWS—they’re focused on sharing best practices, solving problems, and even more. We’re thrilled to have them join the AWS Heroes program, and recognizing them for their […]

AWS Heroes

The newest AWS Heroes are here – September 2023

Each quarter, the AWS Heroes program recognizes technical enthusiasts who lift up the greater AWS community through various approaches. While these inspirational individuals are driven to knowledge share, they sometimes discover novel and fun ways of using technology, such as leveraging LEDs to create a magical display of holiday lights. Many are also contributing heavily […]

AWS Heroes

Introducing the first AWS Security Heroes

The AWS Heroes program recognizes individuals who combine their deeply technical expertise with a passion for helping others to learn more and build faster. Over the years, trends have evolved in how the community develops and deploys solutions built on AWS, which has influenced the creation of specialized Hero categories. Today, we’re thrilled to officially […]

AWS Heroes

Announcing the latest AWS Heroes – June 2023

AWS Heroes dedicate their time to help others build better and faster on AWS. Heroes support and give back to the community in a variety of ways: contributing to open source projects, organizing AWS Community Days, speaking at conferences, leading workshops, mentoring builders, hosting meetups, and much more. Please welcome and say hello to our […]

AWS Heroes

Meet the Newest AWS Heroes – March 2023

The AWS Heroes are passionate AWS experts who are dedicated to sharing their in-depth knowledge within the community. They inspire, uplift, and motivate the global AWS community, and today, we’re excited to announce and recognize the newest Heroes in 2023! Aidan Steele – Melbourne, Australia Serverless Hero Aidan Steele is a Senior Engineer at Nightvision. […]

How to Connect Business and Technology to Embrace Strategic Thinking (Book Review)

Book Review The Value Flywheel Effect: Power the Future and Accelerate Your Organization to the Modern Cloud by David Anderson with Mark McCann and Michael O’Reilly Recently, a new book came to my attention that explores the intersection of business, technology, and people. This is a great read for anyone who wants to understand how […]

AWS Heroes

Introducing our final AWS Heroes of the year – November 2022

The AWS Heroes program celebrates and recognizes builders who are making an impact within the global AWS community. As we come to the end of 2022, the program is recognizing seven individuals who are passionate about AWS, and focused on organizing and speaking at community events, mentoring, authoring content, and even preserving wildlife. Please meet […]