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Announcing the latest AWS Heroes – August 2022

The global AWS community is filled with passionate builders, eager to learn and explore ways to build better and faster on AWS. Within the AWS community, a select few individuals truly go above and beyond to share their knowledge and inspire others through content creation, event organization, open source contributions, and more. These community leaders […]

AWS Week In Review – July 25, 2022

A few weeks ago, we hosted the first EMEA AWS Heroes Summit in Milan, Italy. This past week, I had the privilege to join the Americas AWS Heroes Summit in Seattle, Washington, USA. Meeting with our community experts is always inspiring and a great opportunity to learn from each other. During the Summit, AWS Heroes […]

AWS Week In Review - June 6, 2022

AWS Week In Review – June 6, 2022

This post is part of our Week in Review series. Check back each week for a quick roundup of interesting news and announcements from AWS! I’ve just come back from a long (extended) holiday weekend here in the US and I’m still catching up on all the AWS launches that happened this past week. I’m […]

AWS Heroes

Introducing the newest AWS Heroes – June 2022

AWS Heroes are some of the worlds most active and vocal leaders in AWS communities, recognized for their unwavering focus on sharing insights and technical knowledge with others. Heroes have a variety of contributions to community learning: they host events, meetups, and workshops, author blogs, contribute to open source projects, speak at conferences, and more. […]

AWS Heroes

Get to know the first AWS Heroes of 2022!

The AWS Heroes program is a worldwide initiative which acknowledges individuals who have truly gone above and beyond to share knowledge in technical communities. AWS Heroes share knowledge by hosting events, Meetups, workshops, and study groups, or by authoring blogs, creating videos, speaking at conferences, or contributing to open source projects. You can see some […]

Meet the latest AWS Heroes – November 2021

It is an exciting time of year, with AWS re:Invent right around the corner. As we reflect back on 2021, we continue to be impressed by the way AWS communities support one-another across intersecting journeys to expand technical skills. At the center of these communities are impactful leaders who go above and beyond to create […]

Announcing the latest AWS Heroes – August 2021

AWS Heroes go above and beyond to share knowledge with the community and help others build better and faster on AWS. Last month we launched the AWS Heroes Content Library, a centralized place where Builders can find inspiration and learn from AWS Hero authored educational content including blogs, videos, slide presentations, podcasts, open source projects, […]