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Introducing our final AWS Heroes of the year – November 2022

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The AWS Heroes program celebrates and recognizes builders who are making an impact within the global AWS community. As we come to the end of 2022, the program is recognizing seven individuals who are passionate about AWS, and focused on organizing and speaking at community events, mentoring, authoring content, and even preserving wildlife. Please meet the newest AWS Heroes!

Ed Miller – San Jose, USA

Machine Learning Hero Ed Miller is a Senior Principal Engineer at Arm where he leads technical engagements with strategic partners around machine learning and IoT. He also volunteers with the BearID Project, developing open source, machine learning solutions for non-invasive wildlife monitoring. Ed is working on a human-in-the-loop machine learning application for identifying the famous fat bears on’s Brooks Falls Brown Bears webcam. The serverless application, Bearcam Companion, is built using AWS Amplify and various AWS AI services. You can read about it and other projects on Ed’s blogs at, Hashnode, and the BearID Project.

Jones Zachariah Noel N – Karnataka, India

Serverless Hero Jones Zachariah Noel N is a Senior Developer Advocate in the Developer Relations ecospace at Freshworks, and has previously worked as a Cloud Architect – Serverless where he was focused on designing and architecting solutions built with the AWS Serverless tech stack. Jones is a tech enthusiast who loves to interact with the community, which has helped him learn and share his knowledge, as he also co-organizes AWS User Group Bengaluru. He writes regularly about AWS Serverless and talks about new features and different Serverless services, which can help you level up your Serverless applications’ architecture on Additionally, Jones co-runs a YouTube podcast called The Zacs’ Show Talking AWS about DevOps and Serverless practices along with another Zack whom he met through the AWS Community Builder program.

Luciano Mammino – Dublin, Ireland

Serverless Hero Luciano Mammino is a full-stack web developer and a senior cloud architect at fourTheorem. He is a co-author of the book Node.js Design Patterns and co-host of the podcast AWS Bites. Luciano is one of the creators of Middy, one of the most adopted middleware-based Node.js frameworks for AWS Lambda. Through fourTheorem, he also contributes to several other open-source projects in the serverless space, such as SLIC Watch for automated observability. Finally, he is also an eager tech speaker who has evangelized the adoption of serverless from the very early days.

Madhu Kumar – Budapest, Hungary

Container Hero Madhu Kumar is a Principal Cloud Architect and Product Owner (Container Services) working for T-Systems International with over 22 years of IT experience working across multiple regions, including Asia, the Middle East, the US, Europe, and the UK. He is an AWS User Group Leader, DevSecCon Chapter Leader for Hungary, DevOps Institute Brand Ambassador and Chapter Leader, HashiCorp User Group Leader for Hungary, and formally an AWS Community Builder. Madhu is passionate about organizing meetups, driving and assisting global and local communities to come together, and sharing knowledge. He is also a regular speaker at container conferences and AWS events.

Paweł Zubkiewicz – Wroclaw, Poland

Serverless Hero Paweł Zubkiewicz works as a Cloud Architect and Consultant who helps companies build products on AWS. In 2018, Paweł started Serverless Polska, an online community for serverless enthusiasts where he shares his technical knowledge and introduces serverless to a broader audience. Shortly after, he began publishing a newsletter about serverless and AWS cloud. He continuously shares his expertise and insights with the Polish-speaking community to this day, both online and as a conference speaker. Before becoming an AWS Hero, he was an AWS Community Builder since 2020, and shares serverless tutorials on He lives in Wroclaw, Poland with his wife and his dog named Pixel. He’s an avid mountain biker and a traveler.

Rossana Suarez – Resistencia, Argentina

Container Hero Rossana Suarez is a DevOps consultant and trainer. She started the ‘295devops’ channel to share her expertise about various DevOps topics, and to help enthusiasts get into the field more easily and with more motivation. She consults with teams of developers and DevOps engineers to help them improve their existing processes for automations, CI/CD, containerization, and orchestration. Rossana presents at Women in Technology’s local meetups to encourage more women to pursue careers in DevOps, is a volunteer with AWS Girls Argentina, and is a frequent speaker about container technologies at AWS Community Days, ContainersDays, and more.

TaeSeong Park – Seoul, Korea

Community Hero TaeSeong Park is a front-end engineer and Unity mobile developer working at IDEASAM. He’s spoken at major AWSKRUG community events, and has led hands-on labs specific to a front-end and mobile app on AWS Amplify. For the past 5 years, TaeSeong has been an organizer of the AWSKRUG Group and was an AWS Community Builder for 2-years. Not only he did he organize the AWSKRUG Gudi meetup, but he’s been a speaker and supporter of other AWSKRUG meetups.

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If you’d like to learn more about the new Heroes or connect with a Hero near you, please visit the AWS Heroes website or browse the AWS Heroes Content Library.


Taylor Jacobsen

Taylor Jacobsen

Taylor is the AWS Heroes Program Manager who extends her support to the AWS Community Builders. She is passionate about creating the best possible experience for the customer. Outside of work, she is connected to gaming communities, and is currently playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).