Madhu Kumar

AWS conatainer Hero

 Madhu Kumar Yeluri, Director at Fortune Technologies

 Budapest, Hungary

 Hero since 2022

Madhu is an independent IT Consultant working as a Principal Cloud Architect for prominent telecom and banking clients in Europe. With an extensive 22+ year career in IT, Madhu has effectively worked in diverse regions across the globe, including Asia, the Middle East, the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. He is assisting many customers in transforming their businesses through the use of digital transformation and the cloud. He is leading diverse teams to drive change and deliver business value at scale.

As an AWS Hero, AWS User Group Leader, DevSecCon Chapter Leader for Hungary, DevOps Institute Brand Ambassador and Chapter Leader, and HashiCorp User Group Leader for Hungary, he is passionate about organising meetups, driving and assisting global and local communities to come together and share knowledge. He has made significant contributions by mentoring and aiding numerous individuals within the community. He runs a Container Builders Discord channel. He is also a regular speaker at DevOps conferences and AWS events.

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