Peak AI System on AWS

Drive growth and profitability across the entire retail value chain with Peak's AI System

The Peak AI System is an AWS Partner Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Peak's AI System brings AI into the core of retail businesses, helping them to optimize processes and power performance in areas across the entire retail value chain from sales and marketing to merchandising, fulfillment, and logistics.

The Peak AI System is featured in several AWS Solutions Consulting Offers. Demand AI allows retailers to supercharge the supply and demand cycle to maximize profit and increase forecasting and purchasing accuracy. Supply AI adds a layer of intelligence to warehouse and logistics operations, enabling you to optimize processes so you can maximize fulfillment at the lowest cost. Built to deliver outcomes in customer acquisition and retention, Customer AI leverages data from across the entire retail value chain to get more from your marketing.

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Peak is an AWS Retail and AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner.
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Tailored solutions

Peak’s AI System and solutions are configured to meet your needs, with each one focused on optimizing specific business functions.

Messy data? No problem.

Peak ingests, transforms, and unifies your data to deliver rapid results with a short time to value.

Easy integration

Peak’s AI System integrates with your existing business systems, so there’s no need to rip and replace.

Solution Highlights

By bringing AI to the core of your retail business, Peak’s AI System helps you take full advantage of your data. Peak unifies your data to bring you a “golden data set” with technologies that help you explore, profile, and cleanse data from a single AI console that supports 18+ data sources. The processed data and ML algorithms can be leveraged to support a variety of use cases across the retail value chain such as intelligent demand forecasting and inventory optimization, marketing personalization, the categorization of customers to help increase retention and improve experiences, and optimization of fulfillment and logistics processes.

  • Growth across the value chain: Retailers can optimize and enhance every aspect of their operation with AI, driving efficiencies across the business
  • Improved sustainability: Smarter forecasting and logistics means less waste and a reduced carbon footprint, helping retailers move towards improving sustainability
  • Increased customer loyalty: Customer conversations are about highly personalized, relevant content that appeals to them and only when they are in the market to buy
  • Optimized stock: Customers can find the sizes and styles they want in stock with no concerns about missing out on their favorite products

Case Study: Footasylum Personalizes Marketing with Peak’s AI System on AWS


Leading UK retailer, Footasylum, was looking to provide customers with a more personalized, targeted experience and significantly increase the revenue generated from its marketing efforts. However, with a vast product offering, delivering an experience relevant to each customer was challenging.


Footasylum uses Peak to draw insights based on the past transactional and behavioral data of customers in-store and online. It creates algorithms to train hyper-personalization models which include in-market predictions, lifetime value, churn risk, product preferences, and recommendation engines.


Peak's AI-powered marketing personalization and targeted commuincation enabled Footasylum to see a 28% uplift in revenue from marketing emails, and a large 8400% return on social media advertising spend, 10x that of the industry standard.

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