Snowball Edge has two pricing elements.

First, you pay a service fee per data transfer job, which includes 10 days of onsite Snowball Edge device usage. Shipping days, including the day the device is received and the day it is shipped back to AWS, are not counted toward the 10 days.

Second, if the device is kept for more than 10 days, you can incur an additional fee for each day beyond 10 days.

Data transferred into AWS does not incur any data transfer fees, and standard pricing applies to data once it is stored in the AWS Cloud. Please see details below.

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Region US/Others
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Service fee per job
$300 $400  
Extra day charge (first 10 days included)
$30 $40  
Data Transfer IN to Amazon S3
$0.00/GB (free) $0.00/GB (free)  
Data Transfer OUT of Amazon S3 is priced by region
See table below
See table below
US regions, including US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (N. California, Oregon) and AWS GovCloud (US)
Canada (Montreal)
South America (Sao Paulo)
EU (Ireland, Frankfurt, London)
EU (Paris)   $0.04/GB  
Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Sydney, Mumbai)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Shipping charges are calculated based on standard carrier rates for the shipping location and options you select. The default shipping option is 2-day.

Cloud storage tier, request and data transfer pricing applies once your data is moved into the AWS Cloud.