Getting started with Amazon EKS

Step 1 - Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account

Set up and log into your AWS account

With Amazon EKS, you can be setup and launching containers in minutes.

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Learn how Amazon EKS works in Containers from the Couch and our Containers Blog channel.

Core Concepts

Step-by-step guides


Deploy a Kubernetes Application with Amazon EKS

Setup Kubernetes cluster managed by Amazon EKS and deploy a sample application.

Amazon EKS, EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, kubectl

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Hands-On Workshop

Complete Amazon EKS Microservices Workshop

Go from new cluster to service mesh in this interactive and immersive Amazon EKS workshop.

Amazon EKS, EC2, VPC, ALB, and more

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Webinars and Videos

Introducing Amazon EKS
Deep Dive into Amazon EKS
Cloud Native Networking for Containers in AWS using CNI Plugins
Running Kubernetes with Amazon EKS
AWS Launchpad - Amazon EKS
Running Kubernetes on AWS

EKS Frequently Asked Questions

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