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See how leading organizations worldwide are using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS) to run their most sensitive and mission critical applications because of its security, reliability, and scalability.

Snap Inc.

Mobileye Global Inc.

Mobileye leads the mobility revolution with its autonomous-driving and driver-assist technologies, offering world-renowned expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, mapping, and data analysis.

Deep dive in Mobileye case study»

“Kubernetes is very complex software, and using Amazon EKS makes it simpler to install and work with Kubernetes than I had imagined possible.”

Ofer Eliassaf - Senior Director, Road Experience Management at Mobileye Global Inc. 

Snap Inc.

Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. is a camera and social media company empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.
Deep dive in Snap Inc. 2019 re:Invent presentation “Amazon EKS under the hood” »
Deep dive in Snap Inc. 2018 re:Invent presentation “Mastering Kubernetes on AWS” »

“Snap uses Kubernetes to solve the problems of managing a large set of services, and EKS is helping them to run over 2 million transactions per second. Through EKS and ECR, Snap has realized a 77% reduction in developer effort for launching new microservices.”

Karl D’Adamo – Sr. Director of Engineering, Snap

Babylon Health

Babylon Health

Babylon is a subscription health service provider that enables users to have virtual consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging through its mobile application, to put an accessible, affordable healthcare into the hands of every human being on Earth.

Deep dive in Babylon Health 2019 re:Invent presentation “Building machine-learning infrastructure on Amazon EKS with Kubeflow” »

“Amazon EKS is vital in our mission to offer accessible and affordable healthcare across the globe. By using EKS and EC2 Spot Instances, we have a lightning fast micro-service architecture where 300+ containerized applications are built and deployed in a highly decoupled manner. We now have unprecedented high availability across the globe while reducing the average time to bring a change to the stack from four weeks to a matter of hours. Our offering is focused on affordability and the cost reduction of 40% across our critical clusters is a key part of delivering this vision. The availability of Fargate for EKS will shift the focus from running and operating complex orchestration platforms to operating a secure and scalable health system. This maximizes our engineering effort, both in terms of time and money.”

Jean-Marie Ferdegue - Director of Global Platform Engineering, Babylon Health



HSBC is an investment bank and financial services holding company. One of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, serving more than 40 million customers through their global businesses: Wealth and Personal Banking, Commercial Banking, and Global Banking and Markets.
Deep dive in HSBC 2019 re:Invent presentation “Running high-security workloads on Amazon EKS” »

"We explore solutions with the real-life example of how HSBC's cloud services team built a secure multi-tenant platform for the company's application teams to run mission-critical containerized applications on Amazon EKS."

Dean Delamont – Solution Architect, HSBC Global Cloud Services, is a technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Deep dive in 2019 re:Invent presentation “Running Kubernetes at Amazon scale using Amazon EKS” »

“EKS frees our team from having to gain deep knowledge in areas that don’t directly contribute to the success of our customers, that doesn’t bring additional value to the customers that we served. It’s worthwhile for us to delegate that ownership to the EKS team. It allow us to focus on delivering this microservices architecture to our customers, to focus on solving the problems they want us to solve, and delegate the rest to the EKS folks.”

Kevin Dillane – Sr. Software Engineer,



GoDaddy is empowering everyday entrepreneurs by providing all of the help and tools to succeed online. With 19 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work.

Deep dive in GoDaddy 2019 re:Invent presentation “Oversubscription at scale. Running tons of containers with Kubernetes” »
Deep dive in GoDaddy video “Introducing Amazon EKS” »

“Kubernetes is a wonderful infrastructure enabler. AWS and Amazon EKS make life so much easier to fulfill our mission to delight our customers. EKS is a great fit for GoDaddy and it Kubernetes needs.”

Damian Silbergleith Cunniff – Senior Software Engineer & Ed Abrams, Senior Director of Software, GoDaddy



Bird is a micromobility company that operated shared electric scooters in over 100 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and North America with 10 million rides in its first year of operation.

Deep dive in Bird 2019 re:Invent presentation “Running Kubernetes clusters at scale: Bird” »

“EKS handles the headaches of managing the control plane and the VPC CNI driver, that comes out of the box, ready to go.”

Connor Poole – Principal Engineer, Bird

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a leading online food ordering and delivery marketplace. The company operates delivery fleets in 39 countries, transporting more than 1 million food orders a day.

Deep dive in Delivery Hero case study “Delivery Hero Saves 70% Running Kubernetes on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances” »
Deep dive in Delivery Hero AWS Summit Berlin presentation “Kubernetes on Spot Instances” »

“Our experience running Amazon EKS on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances was eye-opening. It has become a big cost saver and freed our time and energy to focus on business growth instead. Delivery Hero Saves 70% Running Kubernetes on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.”

Vojtech Vondra - Senior Director of Engineering, Logistics, Delivery Hero

freee K.K.

freee K.K.

freee K.K. is one of the fastest growing fintech startups listed on the TSE Mothers market in 2019, with the largest market share in Japan. freee K.K. develops and operates cloud-based accounting and payroll software services to bring innovations to SMBs.

Deep dive in Freee case study »

“By using Amazon EKS, you can significantly reduce the operation time and improve the productivity of application development. We also think EKS has advantages in terms of security and disaster recovery, and we plan to move everything to EKS in the future.”

Yoshiyuki Asaba - Freee Co., Ltd. Product Platform Division



SuperAwesome wants to make the Internet safer for kids. They built a technology platform that helps all players in the digital ecosystem create kid-safe digital engagement, including apps and sites, as well as additional functionality like video, safe ad monetization, authentication and community functionality.

Deep dive in SuperAwesome case study: “Containers for KidTech: Here’s how we manage them at scale »

“Over four years, SuperAwesome changed significantly. We went from running a handful of EC2 Instances in one region to hundreds in different regions and AWS accounts – from a few hundred of HTTP requests per minute to tens of thousands per second, from a few million analytics events per day to more than a billion, and from two Kubernetes clusters to more than twenty. Growth brought complexity. To keep things simple and manageable, we switched to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). This allowed us to keep benefits from all the features of Kubernetes without the hassle of managing the clusters ourselves.”

Nicolas Trésegnie - Chief Architect, SuperAwesome



Nanit is a start-up company that develops baby monitor devices connected through its mobile application. The camera captures the video recording of the child and analyzes the footage and shares insights based on the movement of the baby.

Deep dive in Nanit Technical Blog “Our Journey to EKS” »
Deep dive in Nanit AWS Summit Tel Aviv 2019 presentation “Mastering Amazon EKS” »

“The business challenge was to have a baby monitor that is always connected, alerts in real time, gives insights to our customers about their babies while maintaining cost efficiency. The technical challenge was to manage 10,000s of streaming cameras, 100,000s of streaming customers and run deep learning at scale, in real time. Why EKS?: We have managed control plane with full AWS support, rolling updates, conformant and compatible with Kubernetes.”

Chen Fisher – VP R&D, Nanit



At FollowAnalytics, they help companies to understand how their users behave in their mobile and web apps, and to retain them through highly-targeted marketing campaigns, using push and in-app notifications.

Deep dive in FollowAnalytics Technical Blog “Scaling to billions of requests on top of AWS EKS” »

“We handled billions of requests, helping our clients to perform better Analytics on the data generated by their clients when they interact with the mobile app. According to several pieces of research, analytics is a source of competitive advantage, and our clients know that. The smartest decision was to move to EKS. The main advantage of migrating the cluster was not having to take care of the Kubernetes control plane anymore and not to think about the scalability and reliability of these components, since now that responsibility is delegated to AWS. We’re able to handle much more traffic and perform analytics as never before”

Hugo Henley, Lead Site Reliability Engineer, FollowAnalytics



Mercari is an e-commerce company operating in Japan and the US. Their app, Mercari marketplace has grown to become Japan's largest community-powered marketplace with over JPY 10 billion in transactions carried out on the platform each month, and over 100 million downloads, being the first Japanese company to reach unicorn status.

Deep dive in Mercary technical article “How does Mercari use "AWS Kubernetes" for machine learning? CTO explains how it works“»

“One of the reasons for the popularity of Mercari app is that it has many features that utilize technology, such as “AI exhibition,” which uses a smartphone camera to shoot an item and automatically input information by estimating the product name and category. Analyzing hundreds of millions of images stored in cloud storage Amazon S3 on a cluster of Amazon EKS, high analysis accuracy is achieved. By using Amazon EKS, a managed service, the Kubernetes does not have to be manage and operate, and it is pursuing enormous machine learning speedily”

Taku Namura - Chief Technology Officer, Mercari offers high-performance, flexible open-source container hosting solutions built for speed, security, and scalability.

"Having managed and maintained our own Kubernetes Clusters ourselves in the past, we are impressed by the ease and reliability that EKS provides. EKS allows us to start new Kubernetes clusters within minutes instead of hours, this allows our engineers to spin up new clusters for testing new features and with this provide a better tested and performing platform to our customers. Scaling has also never been easier: with EKS we can scale our Kubernetes clusters within 60 seconds to any size and react to spikes in traffic from our customers in near real time. Connected to the fact that we can leverage Spot Instances and other cost saving measures of AWS makes these scaling events a worry free situation for everybody."

Michael Schmid - CTO,

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