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Create an Amazon SQS Queue

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Amazon CloudFront

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up asynchronous messaging with Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS). Amazon SQS is the AWS service that allows application components to communicate in the cloud. You will use the Amazon SQS console to create and configure a message queue, send a message, receive and delete that message, and then delete the queue.


Decouple and scale applications using Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS (33:27)
Introducing Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) FIFO Queues (2:04)

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White Papers

Getting Started with Amazon EC2 and Amazon SQS.
All systems that have to scale to meet increasing load while continuing to provide reliable and predictable performance must satisfy some unique requirements. Amazon SQS has many features specifically designed to enable you to build scalable, reliable and high-performing EC2 applications. This paper provides a brief overview of the capabilities of SQS and illustrates how it can be used to build scalable EC2 applications with a simple but fairly common scenario.

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