AWS re:invent 2017: How the BBC Built a Massive Media Pipeline Using Microservices (52:47)
AWS re:invent 2017: Getting from Here to There: A Journey from On-premises to Server (54:50)
AWS re:invent 2017: Building .NET-based Serverless Architectures and Running .NET Core Microservices in Docker Containers on AWS (1:01:22)
AWS re:Invent 2017: Automating Mother Nature - How Nexon Used AWS Services to Algorithmically Create and Manage an In-Game Ecosystem (45:44)
AWS re:Invent 2016: Migrating Enterprise Messaging to the Cloud (48:24)
AWS re:Invent 2015: Scalable Messaging Architectures (50:33)

This is My Architecture

Sparkpost: Decouple Email MTA on AWS (5:04)
Ajilon: Automating continuous delivery in the enterprise (3:53)
CoreLogic: Spotting scalable architectures for batch workloads (4:08)
Qantas: Building a highly-available, multi-AZ CIFS Cluster on AWS (4:14)
Bulletproof: Slaying monoliths one API service at a time (6:16)
Ocado: Creating a self-service portal to help developers build secure, loosely coupled microservices (4:57)
Zapproved: Automating data processing with Step Functions, Lambda, and SQS (4:38)
GoPro: Editing media on the “go” with ECS, SQS, Elastic Transcoder, and Auto Scaling lifecycle hooks (4:25)
Human Longevity, Inc.: Powerful and reusable application pipelines with OpsWorks, SQS, and Lambda (4:20)
ClearScale: Designer Genes to Order from a serverless platform built with API Gateway, Lambda, and SQS (3:40)
BBC: How iPlayer uses Amazon S3 multi-part copy and SQS to power their broadcast pipeline (7:19)

Overview videos

Introducing Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) FIFO Queues (2:04)
Introducing Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Server-side Encryption (1:35)
Tim Bray & Friends: Messaging for Media & Broadcasting with guest Stephen Goodwin, BBC (44:25)


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