Get started quickly using AWS with the AWS SDK for Ruby. The SDK helps take the complexity out of coding by providing Ruby classes for many AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and more. The single, downloadable package includes the AWS Ruby Library and documentation. The SDK is also available through Ruby Gems (

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Install the gem

gem install aws-sdk

or Add to Gemfile

gem 'aws-sdk', '~> 2'

The Version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby introduces a number of improvements including waiters, response paging, data-driven Resource APIs, streamlined plugin architecture, improved documentation, and more.

AWS SDK for Ruby is modularized into multiple gems, each of which offers specific functionality.

gem 'aws-sdk'

'aws-sdk' is the main gem of the SDK. It contains two gems 'aws-sdk-core' and 'aws-sdk-resources', which offer two different styles of programming over AWS APIs.

gem 'aws-sdk-core'

The Core gem, 'aws-sdk-core', provides full one-to-one mapping to AWS APIs, in an RPC-style programming model. It also has a number of new built-in features such as automatic response paging, waiters, parameter validation, and Ruby type support in the Amazon DynamoDB client.

gem 'aws-sdk-resources'

The Resources gem, 'aws-sdk-resources', provides an object-oriected abstraction over the "low-level" or RPC-style interface in the Core, for a simpler and more intuitive coding experience. A resource object is a reference to an AWS resource (such as an Amazon EC2 instance or an Amazon S3 object) that exposes the resource's attributes and actions as instance variables and methods. Supported services include Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, AWS IAM, Amazon Glacier, AWS OpsWorks, and AWS CloudFormation, and more services will continue to be added.

gem 'aws-sdk-rails' (optional)

The aws-sdk-rails gem provides Ruby on Rails integrations for the AWS SDK for Ruby V2.

gem 'aws-record' (optional)

The aws-record gem is a data mapping abstraction for Amazon DynamoDB, built on top of the AWS SDK for Ruby V2.



Version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby has a number of new features to help reduce the amount of code that you need to write. This talk discusses and walks through code sample for features such as the Resource APIs, paginators, waiters, and more.

Touring Version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby


Deploy and Manage Ruby on Rails Apps on AWS


This hands-on lab will get you started with running your Rails applications on AWS. Starting with a simple sample application, you will learn how to deploy to AWS using AWS OpsWorks, then to enhance your application with features from the AWS SDK for Ruby's Rails plugin.

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