Posted On: Nov 22, 2021

You can now manage AWS Step Functions workflows from the Amazon Athena console, making it easier to build scalable data processing pipelines, execute queries based on custom business logic, automate administrative and alerting tasks, and more.

Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that enables you to analyze data in Amazon S3 using SQL. AWS Step Functions is a low-code visual workflow service used to orchestrate AWS services, automate business processes, and build serverless applications.

You can use Athena and Step Functions to build distributed data processing pipelines where Athena processes the data and Step Functions orchestrates the workflow across multiple AWS services such as AWS Glue, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis Firehose and AWS Lambda. And with the recent addition of AWS SDK Integrations in Step Functions, expanding the number of supported AWS Services from 17 to over 200 and AWS API Actions from 46 to over 9000, you can now develop even more sophisticated workflows.

Step Functions is now integrated with Athena’s upgraded console, and you can use it to view an interactive workflow diagram of your State Machines that invoke Athena. To get started, select Workflows from the left navigation panel. If you have existing state machines with Athena queries, select a state machine to view an interactive diagram of the workflow. If you are new to Step Functions, you can get started by launching a sample project from the Athena console and customizing it later to suit your production use cases.

This feature is available in all regions where both AWS Step Functions and Amazon Athena’s redesigned console are available. View the AWS Regions table for details.