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Accelerate your AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central Integration Journey

By Jahnai Bilovsky, Worldwide Marketplace and APN Business Development Tech, AWS

We are excited to launch the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and AWS Partner Central Integration Journey Map, an interactive visualization with guided steps for AWS Partners to streamline their experience by linking accounts, solutions, and opportunities. Our mission is to make the AWS Partner Network (APN) with AWS Marketplace the preferred route to market and empower partners to deliver differentiated value to millions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, helping them to win more, win bigger, and win faster.

Partners who have linked their AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central accounts are seeing benefits such as increased operational efficiencies and streamlined listing experience to over 300,000 customers on AWS Marketplace. A centralized analytics and insights view tracks performance across your AWS business including sales pipeline health and insights, AWS Marketplace engagement score, insights on new investments, soon-to-expire cash fund requests, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

“The integration between AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central has significantly enhanced Hashicorp’s visibility into our AWS relationship. This integration provides substantial time savings throughout the sales cycle, offers deeper insights into Marketplace-associated deals, and allows us to realize incentives more quickly. With centralized analytics and insights, Hashicorp can make real-time, data-driven recommendations to accelerate the growth of our AWS relationship” – Tricia Apperson, Global Cloud GTM, HashiCorp

Get started today with linking your AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central accounts. Figure 1 shows the workflow that a partner can take to integrate with AWS Partner Central. Follow the steps in the workflow document in AWS Partner Central.

Figure 1 – AWS Marketplace and AWS Partner Central Integration Journey

Benefits of Account Linking between AWS Partner Central and Marketplace Accounts

Connected Access: AWS Partners can seamlessly access their connected AWS Marketplace Management portal directly from AWS Partner Central. The Account linking feature allows partners to link their accounts and manage user permissions across AWS Partner Central and AWS Marketplace Management portal to enable users to navigate between portals when logged in to their AWS Partner Central account.

AWS Marketplace Insights in Analytics & Insights: AWS Marketplace Insights dashboard is integrated into a single point of access via AWS Partner Central. It can provide data driven recommendations across both AWS Partner Network and AWS Marketplace so partners can grow their business. This allows for a seamless access to this unified analytical view, to help partners strategize quicker. Partners users can view insights such as: “AWS Marketplace Collections and disbursements”, “AWS Marketplace Billed revenue” and their “Opportunities” in one centralized location.

Solution linking to AWS Marketplace Product listing (or create a new listing): AWS Partner Central users can connect their solutions in AWS Partner Central with their AWS Marketplace product listing. This feature allows partners to connect multiple AWS Marketplace listings to the specific software solution in AWS Partner Central. Partners can now create a AWS Marketplace listing from AWS Partner Central. This allows partners to maintain one unified software for both co-selling and AWS Marketplace transaction. Partner sales manager can tag solutions to ACE opportunities to drive greater visibility and accelerate co-sell support to solve specific customer business needs.

AWS Marketplace Private Offer linking with ACE opportunities: For the first time, AWS Marketplace Private offers can be associated to any opportunity in ACE where the status is “Approved” and before the opportunity is “Launched” or “Closed/Lost”. It can be done via APN Customer Engagements (ACE) portal or customer relationship management (CRM) connectors. This functionality helps partners to get real-time sales insights into the full transaction lifecycle.


We are constantly improving the Partner experience and simplifying engagement with AWS Marketplace which will be enabled by the above integration helping you to reach over 300,000 customers that use AWS Marketplace. Below are some additional resources to help you on your journey.