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Accelerate Joint Opportunity and Lead Sharing: Introducing AWS Partner CRM Connector

By Akshay Menon, Sr. Product Manager – AWS
By Abhinav Saxena, ACE Enablement Manager – AWS

We’re excited to introduce the AWS Partner CRM Connector for Salesforce. The CRM Connector allows AWS Partners to share opportunities and receive referrals from Amazon Web Services (AWS) within their Salesforce CRM.

We heard from our partners that they wanted a simpler way to collaborate with AWS without having to enter information in two separate platforms. Previously, partners had to create a custom code to integrate with AWS Partner Central and input opportunities in their Salesforce CRM or manually enter it in Partner Central. Partners were required to allocate dedicated resources to build and maintain the custom code.

The AWS Partner CRM Connector eliminates the need to write custom code or update information in separate platforms—saving partners hours in managing their sales pipeline.


The CRM Connector for Salesforce automates the partner’s sales process to speed up operations. For partners in the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) program, the simplification in opportunity sharing helps streamline collaboration and co-selling with AWS. Benefits include:

  • A unified experience. Manage all leads and opportunities in one place—with no need for your sales teams to maintain the same information in two different systems. Start scaling your sales engagements right from your Salesforce CRM.
  • No additional cost. Download the CRM Connector at no additional cost from Salesforce AppExchange.
  • No custom code required. There’s no need to develop and maintain custom integrations—saving time and effort in development and maintenance. Set up the package in three easy steps and start co-selling in days.

How it Works

AWS Partner CRM Connector will directly connect with ACE Pipeline Manager in Partner Central-without partners having to build and maintain a custom integration solution (Figure 1).


Figure 1 – ACE CRM integration using AWS Partner CRM Connector

With the CRM Connector for Salesforce, partners can:

  1. Directly establish link with AWS Partner Central from partner’s Salesforce CRM
  2. Map AWS fields to partner’s Salesforce fields (Figure 2)
  3. Periodically schedule sending and receiving referrals
  4. Configure flows and notifications, and generate reports


Figure 2 – Mapping of fields

When AWS Sales shares a referral, partners can accept it from within their Opportunities view. Similarly, partners can select and share referrals from among their complete list of Opportunities (Figure 3).


Figure 3 – Selecting Opportunities to share

Get Started

The AWS Partner CRM Connector is available as a free package on Salesforce AppExchange.

To get started, download the CRM Connector for Salesforce and reach out to your Partner Development Manager to set up the package.