AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

Announcing APN Portal Updates

We offer a number of online assets to APN Partners through the APN Portal, a resource exclusive to APN Partners that your firm can utilize as you build your AWS-based business. The APN Portal includes both technical and business content, to help those at your firm expand their knowledge of AWS Products, Services, and processes. You can also find marketing resources through the Portal, training information, and APN Partner Webinars.

We’re excited to announce updates we’ve made to the APN Portal in the past few weeks, meant to bring additional value to your firm:

APN Opportunity Submission Tool

The APN Opportunity Submission tool is an opportunity registration system for APN Partners built on SFDC. The tool is available to Registered and higher-tier APN Partners, and is intended to ensure you get the AWS-related technical support you need to pursue opportunities. This also provide internal teams with increased visibility into your activity with AWS. We strive to enable you to successfully work with the AWS field teams as you develop customer opportunities, and to have the ability to accurately track your activity and success with AWS.

To utilize the APN Opportunity Submission tool, please log in to the APN Portal, and click on the ‘Submit an Opportunity’ tab.

Past APN Webinars – Now Available through the APN Partner Webinar Library

As an APN Partner, your firm has access to a variety of weekly educational webinars available to you at no cost. These webinars provide your team the opportunity to learn directly from AWS technical and business thought leaders on AWS best practices, use cases, verticals, product updates, and more.

Starting today, you can now access past APN Partner Webinars, along with any upcoming webinars. Whether you want to learn about how to take advantage of AWS pricing solutions, dive deep on new and existing AWS features, services, and products, or learn how you can leverage AWS Products and Services to help your customers solve common business challenges, you can find webinars on these topics and more with the flexibility to find a time that works best for you.

To access past and upcoming webinars, please log in to the APN Portal, and click on the ‘Webinars’ tab.

AWS Channel Reseller Enablement Content

As an AWS Channel Reseller, your firm now has access to specific AWS Channel Reseller enablement content, intended to help you plan, launch, and manage your AWS-based business at each phase. The content is broken into three sections: Prepare, Deliver, and Manage, and includes content on a variety of topics, including but not limited to 1) AWS billing, 2) RI purchasing considerations, and 3) managing your customers AWS accounts. We will continue to build out this content to further enable AWS Channel Resellers.

The AWS Channel Reseller content is located under the new AWS Channel Reseller tab on the APN Portal, and is limited in visibility to AWS Channel Reseller Partners. If you’re an AWS Channel Reseller, please log in to the APN Portal, and click on the ‘AWS Channel Reseller’ tab to begin exploring the topics.

We look forward to adding more valuable resources, content, and tools to the APN Portal for your firm in 2015 and beyond!