AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

Announcing the Launch of the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

Welcome to the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog! The APN is the global partner program for AWS, focused on helping APN Partners build a successful AWS-based business. The APN Blog will serve as a central source for information of interest to current and prospective APN Partners. We’re thrilled to provide up-to-date coverage for our vast APN Partner ecosystem, which is comprised of thousands of Consulting and Technology Partners worldwide. Whether we discuss a compelling APN Partner solution built on AWS, details regarding key APN and AWS launch updates of interest to APN Partners, or stories of APN Partners coming together to provide solutions for end customers, the goal of the APN Blog is to provide you with a real-time base for all things APN.

Every day, we see APN Partners doing amazing things together on the AWS platform to address end customers’ business objectives and to enhance their user experience. Take Cloudnexa, for example. A Premier APN Consulting Partner, Cloudnexa worked with Advanced APN Technology Partners Trend Micro, Sumo Logic, and AppDynamics to bring a Premium Managed Service offering on AWS to market, based on the existing needs of their customer base. This offering, which combines a fully-managed cloud solution on AWS from Cloudnexa, machine data from Sumo Logic, complete threat protection from Trend Micro, and comprehensive monitoring from AppDynamics in one package, was made possible because these APN Partners were willing to work together and deliver these services through a utility-based pricing model. This enables easier, more efficient, and highly scalable consumption for their end customers.

This is just one example of how APN Partners utilize AWS and work together to bring value to end users. Through the APN Blog, we’ll consistently highlight disruptive solutions from APN Partners that are built on or integrate with the AWS platform, to give you a better sense of how APN Partners are finding success working with AWS.

Further, look to the APN Blog for constant updates and news on APN launches. We continue to launch new APN Partner Programs, such as APN Competencies, intended to highlight our APN Partners who have proven expertise in particular solution areas, such as Big Data, or workloads, such as Microsoft. Recently, we launched a Storage Competency and Life Sciences Competency, and we have plans to launch a number of additional APN Competencies. As new APN launches are announced, you’ll be the first to learn key information about the launch, why it’s important for your firm, and next steps you can take to get involved. We’ll also highlight and link to new content releases exclusive to APN Partners on the APN Portal, AWS Training and Certification launches, and other news of interest to APN Partners from across AWS.

To learn more about what the APN is all about click here. If you’re not yet an APN Partner but would like to join to have full access to all of the content that will be referenced on the APN Blog, click here to register. Make sure you keep up-to-date on all of the latest information of interest to APN Partners by bookmarking the APN Blog and adding the APN Blog to your RSS feed.