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AWS Channel Reseller Announcements

The AWS Channel Reseller Program enables qualified APN Partners to resell AWS as part of their valued added solutions and services. Today we’re excited to announce the following AWS Channel Reseller program enhancements:

High Performing AWS Channel Reseller Funding Benefit

High performing AWS Channel Resellers will receive additional funding in 2015 to further market their AWS solutions to customers, and to train and certify additional consultants to deliver successful customer implementations.

To learn more, please contact your Partner Development Manager (PDM).

Channel Reseller Enablement Content on the APN Portal

As an AWS Channel Reseller, your firm now has access to specific AWS Channel Reseller enablement content, intended to help you plan, launch, and manage your AWS-based business at each phase. The content is broken into three sections: Prepare, Deliver, and Manage, and includes content on a variety of topics, including but not limited to 1) AWS billing, 2) RI purchasing considerations, and 3) managing your customers AWS accounts. We’ll continue to build out this content to further enable AWS Channel Resellers.

The AWS Channel Reseller content is located under the new AWS Channel Reseller tab on the APN Portal, and is limited in visibility to AWS Channel Reseller Partners. If you’re an AWS Channel Reseller, please log in to the APN Portal, and click on the ‘AWS Channel Reseller’ tab to begin exploring the topics.

To learn more about becoming an AWS Channel Reseller, click here.