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Introducing Five New ‘All-in’ Technology Partners with AWS

At re:Invent 2014, and at both the San Francisco Summit and New York Summit in 2015, we had the honor of announcing that a number of our leading APN Technology Partners are ‘all-in’ with AWS, meaning that AWS is the core infrastructure platform that powers their SaaS solutions. Today, we’re pleased to announce that five more ISVs have declared that they’re all-in with the AWS platform: Ayla Networks, eFront, Freshdesk, Juniper, and TechnologyOne.

What Does it Mean to be ‘All-In’ with AWS?

When we say that an ISV Partner is all-in with AWS, we mean that they have declared that AWS is their strategic cloud platform. This means that AWS is the core infrastructure powering their SaaS offerings. For those ISV partners who also have traditional, installable software they also fully support their software for production use on AWS, are committed to developing their software for AWS, and support customers using licenses purchased directly from them or through AWS Marketplace with pay-as-you-go pricing.

At the heart of going all-in is the customer. As more and more companies are moving their workloads to the cloud, they’re looking for solutions that will provide them with best of breed technologies to address their business needs. This requires commitment by trusted companies who are strategically aligned. It’s important for customers to know that their strategic technology vendors are committed to working together on their behalf, and an all-in announcement signifies an ISV’s commitment to work with AWS in the best interest of the customer.

Meet Our Newest All-In Technology Partners

We’re excited to tell you a little more about our five new all-in ISVs, who’ve shared a little information about who they are, and their motivation for going all-in with AWS:


Ayla Networks, whose agile Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides comprehensive connectivity for any kind of product, announced today that the company is “all-in” with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is currently the foundation for Ayla’s IoT platform in North America, China and Europe. By declaring AWS is the core infrastructure powering its IoT platform, Ayla joins an elite group of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who are leveraging AWS to innovate quickly and meet the demands of enterprise customers around the world.

“Knowing that AWS provides powerful cloud infrastructure services on a massive global scale is of vital importance as we build out our worldwide cloud capabilities,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “Our recent announcement of the new Ayla Europe cloud is a perfect example.  Given the strong presence of AWS in Europe, we were able to get up and running quickly to support our customers who are bringing to market connected products in the European region.”


eFront is a leading French software company that provides solutions for the financial industry in the private equity business space market, and operates in 21 different countries worldwide. The company uses AWS to host a virtual private cloud for their customers. Security of its customer data is essential to eFront’s financial services customers. The company handles sensitive data with stringent privacy requirements in order for eFront to meet the requirements of their customers. It is essential that eFront can ensures the security of this content in order to maintain keep customers’ trust. According to eFront, AWS makes this possible. More than two years ago, eFront realized that they didn’t have the luxury to build a resilient, secured, and efficient datacenter infrastructure across the world to address this need. eFront therefore chose to build on AWS because of AWS’s global security posture and AWS compliance standards.

By using AWS, eFront is able to control costs, and has improved their delivery time to market times. The company is working to migrate all its IT to AWS by the end of 2015, to improve the quality of the services it delivers to both internal and external clients. “Without AWS, eFront would have been slower to develop its solutions,” said Laurent Delhomme, eFront VP. “Moreover, we wouldn’t have been able to adequately address the security requirements we have, and our high availability needs in such short time. Migrating all of our on-premises datacenters to the AWS cloud, and going ‘all-in’ on AWS, allows us to get to market faster, and provide an optimal level of service that our customers demand.”


Freshdesk is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based customer support software designed to scale with companies as they grow. Freshdesk deployed its entire infrastructure on AWS to host customer information and data for more than 50,000 customers around the world including 3M, Honda, Hugo Boss, University of Pennsylvania, The Atlantic, and Petronas. “We’ve built a cloud-based solution that is growing at consumer scale so it’s critical that our infrastructure and services meet the needs of our global customer-base. AWS provides best-in-breed infrastructure when it comes to performance, reliability, and security,” said Francesco Rovetta, Vice President of Business Development at Freshdesk. “Our decision to work with AWS allows us to focus on our core mission to make it easy for our customers to provide great service for their end customers.”

Juniper Networks

“Juniper is ‘all-in’ with AWS because of the tremendous value AWS brings to Juniper and our customers.  By migrating our own corporate IT functions to AWS, we have experienced easy accessibility to a virtually limitless supply of high-powered computing resources. The collaboration between AWS and Juniper enables businesses to securely migrate many corporate services and applications from on-premises infrastructures to the cloud. Juniper technology automates multi-region deployments, provides high availability for on-premises applications with automated failover, and streamlines service development agility,” said Juniper’s IT chief technical officer and corporate vice president, Gary Clark. “Making our products available on AWS Marketplace enables customers to outsource infrastructure and expertise without compromising on security, reliability, and performance with a utility-based computing model, allowing customers to drastically cut costs!”


TechnologyOne is one of Australia’s largest enterprise software companies and is one of the top 200 ASX-listed companies. TechnologyOne creates enterprise software solutions that transform business and make life simple for its customers in service and asset intensive industries. With AWS, TechnologyOne has taken its enterprise software solution to the cloud, providing customers with enterprise software that evolves and adapts to keep pace with new and emerging technologies.

“We joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) to deliver our leading enterprise SaaS solution to customers in a high performing, reliable, and secure manner. TechnologyOne chose to go ‘all-in’ with AWS to further develop the breadth of our offerings, and rapidly innovate our software by embracing the technological advances AWS is known for,” said Adrian Di Marco, TechnologyOne’s Executive Chairman. “Working with AWS was the final piece of the puzzle for TechnologyOne, allowing us to provide a high level of value to support our customers’ enterprise IT needs, and remove complexity from their operations. Working with AWS allows us to pass on economies of scale to our customers and quickly deploy powerful enterprise software solutions.”


To learn more about the benefits of becoming an APN Technology Partner, visit our Technology Partner page. Stay tuned to the APN Blog for more announcements coming at you live from re:Invent 2015!