APN Technology Partners

APN Technology Partners provide solutions that are hosted on or integrated with AWS.

About APN Technology Partners

APN Technology Partners provide hardware (e.g. OEMs, semiconductor manufacturers), connectivity services (e.g. network carriers), or software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS Cloud (e.g. SaaS Providers, ISV). APN Technology Partner products are often delivered as components to broader AWS Cloud customer solutions and can be delivered globally by APN Consulting Partners, through AWS Marketplace, as part of a customer-ready solutions (e.g. AWS Quickstarts, or Solution Space Solutions) or direct from the APN Technology Partner.

As an APN Technology Partner you will gain access to a variety of tools, training, and support that can enable you to more efficiently build your solutions on AWS.

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We have recently enhanced the APN requirements and benefits for 2019!

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APN Technology Partner Benefits & Requirements

APN Technology Partners can achieve one of three performance tiers based on product status, customer engagements, and overall business investment on AWS. These tiers are: Registered, Select, and Advanced. By increasing your firm's level of AWS expertise, you can advance through APN's tiers to receive additional benefits.

See the matrix of benefits & requirements below, and visit the Technology Journey page to learn how to unlock more benefits.

  • Partner Benefits
  • Partner Requirements
  • Partner Benefits


    Registered Select Advanced Competency Partners

    APN Partner Central for Partner-only content and enablement

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    APN Webcast for technical and program videos Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Online Business & Technical Training & Accreditations Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Discount on AWS Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
    AWS Solutions Training for Partners Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Gain instant access to AWS SaaS Factory Resources Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Qualify your devices with AWS Device Qualification Program Yes Yes Yes Yes
    APN Navigate  Yes Yes Yes Yes
    AWS Educate Job Board  Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Unlock AWS Database Ready Program   Yes Yes Yes
    AWS Logo Usage based on APN Marketing Toolkit Guidelines   Yes Yes Yes
    Partner Development Resource    Yes Yes Yes
    Partner Solutions Architect Resource    Yes Yes Yes
    Partner Solutions Finder Listing   Yes Yes Featured
    APN Badge Use    Yes Yes Yes
    APN Marketing Central
      Yes Yes Yes
    Eligible for APN Customer Engagement (ACE) Program   Yes Yes Yes
    Eligible for free AWS usage via the Innovation Sandbox*   Yes Yes Yes++
    Eligible for free AWS usage for qualified Proof-of-Concepts*   Yes Yes Yes++
    Eligible for Partner Opportunity Acceleration (POA) Funding    Yes Yes Yes
    AWS Promotional Credits    Yes Yes Yes
    Eligible for AWS Quick Starts   Yes Yes Yes
    Eligible for the AWS Public Sector Partner Program   Yes Yes Yes
    Eligible for the AWS Competency Program     Yes Yes
    Eligible for Market Development Funding*     Yes Yes++
    Eligible for a Joint AWS Case Study     Yes Yes
    APN Blog Post Guest Post      Yes Yes
    Advance preview and access to sponsorship packages for AWS operated events     Yes Yes
    Eligible for Customer-Facing Joint Webinars with AWS       Yes
    Featured on APN PremierAPN Program or AWS Solution Webpages       Yes
    Eligible for prioritized marketing activities       Yes

    *Select, Advanced, and Competency Partners may qualify for APN Funding Benefits. The check plus denotes larger funding benefits.

    **As part of APN Funding Programs, partners may be eligible for significantly reduced-cost training vouchers to achieve APN program requirements.

    For each benefit described above, an APN Technology Partner that is also an AWS Competency Partner will only receive the applicable benefit level that is more favorable to that APN Technology Partner, as determined by AWS. Some APN Benefits are subject to additional requirements, Terms and Conditions as described in APN Partner Central and applicable Program Guidelines. All APN Benefits are provided on a yearly basis based on the APN Partner’s eligibility for each benefit and may not be available in all geographies and markets. Acceptance into APN Tiers is at the sole discretion of AWS.

  • Partner Requirements

    Requirements Select
    APN Program Fee $2,500/year $2,500/year
    AWS Technical Certified Individuals  1 4 (2 must be Professional or Specialty Certification) 
    Direct Revenue OR Launched Opportunities with minimum Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

    Direct Revenue Value: $15,000


    3 Launched Opportunities with MRR of $1,500

    Direct Revenue Value: $350,000


    20 Launched Opportunities with MRR of $10,000

    Product Listing  Yes Yes
    Partner Business Plan



    AWS Technical Baseline Review    Yes
    Publicly Referenceable Customers 1 2
    Customer Satisfaction Responses



    Detailed Terms and Conditions for the above requirements are available through APN Partner Central. As of April 1, 2019 partners applying for an APN tier upgrade must adhere to all requirements outlined above.

Getting Started

  • Step #1: APN Membership
  • Step #2: Build Practice
  • Step #3: Upgrade your APN Membership
  • Step #1: APN Membership
  • Register as an APN Partner

    New Partners - Register

    • APN Technology Partner Registration: Register your firm at no cost via the APN Technology Partner Registration
    • Log in to APN Partner Central: Once registered, your firm will receive an email with your APN Portal login credentials and temporary password. Using those credentials, log in to APN Partner Central
    • Add Portal Users: To add APN Partner Central users from your firm, send the Partner Central Self-Registration link to activate their logins
    • Update Partner Scorecard: Track your firm’s AWS success (customer wins, training, etc.) via your Partner Scorecard in the APN Partner Central

    Existing Partners - Login

    Need Support Accessing APN Partner Central? If your firm is already a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), use the links below to access Partner Central:

    Have Additional Questions? Search the APN Knowledge Base.

  • Step #2: Build Practice
  • Build AWS Practice

    APN Partners are encouraged to take advantage of our training and enablement tools designed to help them grow their AWS practice.

    Training & Enablement

    • Earn APN Partner Accreditations: APN offers Partners e-learning courses to help technical and business individuals to deepen their knowledge of AWS services. Accreditation courses are available online via Partner Central at no cost.
    • Earn AWS Certifications: Get validation for your proven experience with AWS. AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals who demonstrate the skills and technical knowledge necessary for designing, deploying, and managing applications on AWS. We offer certification across technical roles and levels of proficiency. Visit the AWS Certification page to learn more.
    • APN Partner Webinars: Take advantage of webinars focused on educating and enabling partners on technical, marketing, and business topics. Register and learn more here.
    • Download Partner Content: Search from a repository of partner-focused technical and business content designed to support your firm in building its AWS practice, such as technical whitepapers, reference architectures, and current presentations. Log in to Partner Central to download content at any time.
  • Step #3: Upgrade your APN Membership
  • Upgrade your APN Membership

    Once your firm meets APN’s Select Tier requirements, apply to upgrade to receive additional APN benefits. APN Partners interested in upgrading their membership can submit their application by following the below steps:

    • Step #1: Log in to the APN Partner Central
    • Step #2: Click on "View Partner Scorecard" from left navigation
    • Step #3: Submit APN compliance details
    • Step #4: Click "Apply to Upgrade"

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