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Don’t Miss the Newest AWS Partner Success Stories: Logicworks and Looker

I’m excited to share with you our latest AWS Partner Success stories, featuring two APN Partners who’ve been very successful in growing their businesses on AWS, and have differentiated themselves on AWS by earning a number of AWS Competencies. The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight APN Partners who’ve demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. We set a high bar for APN Partners to achieve an AWS Competency, and the APN Partners I’m highlighting today, Logicworks and Looker, have each earned not one, not two, but three AWS Competencies.


AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AWS Managed Service Provider, AWS DevOps, Healthcare, and Marketing & Commerce Competency Holder 

Logicworks is a cloud automation and managed service provider with 22 years of experience transforming enterprise IT. As a Premier APN Consulting Partner, Logicworks specializes in building, managing, and optimizing complex and secure AWS environments for global enterprises. Over the course of two decades, Logicworks developed significant operational expertise in enterprise hosting and infrastructure strategy. Logicworks engineers are constantly exploring new technologies, and its engineers saw the enormous potential of the AWS platform. Logicworks rapidly developed expertise on the platform and institutionalized it into its service portfolio to meet the growing demand for the platform among current customers and prospects. “As systems management has evolved, infrastructure-as-code requires a completely new managed service delivery model,” says Jason Deck, vice president of strategic development, Logicworks. “Automation, scalability, and compliance are table stakes for enterprise-grade cloud delivery.”

As Logicworks considered how to best meet enterprise customer demands while changing its delivery model, it decided the cloud offered the most potential, and made the decision to work with AWS. Logicworks helps enterprise clients understand the power of infrastructure-as-code and harness the full breadth of AWS services to meet their unique application requirements. Through its relationship with AWS, Logicworks has transformed the way it delivers value to clients. “Rather than deploying and managing dedicated infrastructure, our AWS engineers script and automate infrastructure purely with software,” says Deck. “That’s a 180-degree change from what this industry has experienced in the past 20 years, and it’s very exciting for our company and our customers.” Through this new approach, Logicworks is better able to meet customer demands for agility. “With a cloud-based model, application deployment and maintenance are software-driven for our customers, so they are more modular, flexible, and transparent,” says Deck. “They can automate application deployment in a way that allows their infrastructure to be responsive to the application, even when the application changes.”

Want to learn more? Read the full Logicworks case study.


AWS All-in Technology Partner, AWS Big Data, Marketing & Commerce, and Big Data Competency Holder 

Looker, a business intelligence and analytics platform, is an all-in Technology Partner on AWS. Looker has worked closely with the APN, and has seen substantial business growth since becoming an APN Partner. For example, Looker has experienced 5x revenue growth in the past year. A highlight for the Looker team has been the AWS Competency Program. “Becoming an AWS Competency Partner has really benefited Looker’s business,” Keenan Rice, VP of alliances at Looker, explains. “We’re able to communicate how we leverage the different AWS services that are tailored specifically for our customers’ and prospects’ needs.”


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