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Upcoming Webinar: How To Drive Exponential Growth Using Unconventional Data Sources with Chartio, Segment, and AWS

Check out an upcoming webinar from Advanced APN Technology Partner and AWS Big Data Competency Partner, Chartio, entitled, “How To Drive Exponential Growth Using Unconventional Data Sources”.

Dan Ahmadi, Director of Growth at Meteor, a large open source platform for building web and mobile apps, will discuss how Meteor uses Segment Sources, Amazon Redshift, and Chartio to combine multiple data sources to create a single-customer view.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Meteor uses Segment to combine several data sources in Amazon Redshift
  • How Meteor uses Chartio to analyze their GitHub data
  • The analyses Meteor uses to track:
    • Product: trends across repositories for the Stargazer media player
    • Adoption: insights on Meteor framework usage
    • Engagement: top community contributors and what drives them
    • Growth: daily commercial growth patterns and anomalies

The webinar is on September 1st, 2016, 10:00am PT. It features Dan Ahmed, Director of Growth at Meteor, AJ Welch, Data Engineer at Chartio and JJ Nguyen, Product Marketing Manager at Segment.

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Chartio was recently featured in a guest post on the Big Data Blog entitled, “How SmartNews Built a Lambda Architecture on AWS to Analyze Customer Behavior and Recommend Content”. Read the post here.


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