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Relay42 Unlocks Customer Intelligence With a New Insights And Reporting Module Powered By Amazon QuickSight

By Richard Hamlyn, VP of Solutions Engineering – Relay42
By Ghandi Nader, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect Advertising and Marketing – AWS
By Franck Georget, Segment Lead Advertising and Marketing – AWS

Businesses are investing in software and technology tools to achieve a better data strategy and develop a data-driven decision-making approach. When it comes to customer data, the scale and velocity are increasing exponentially year over year and according to Deloitte, on average companies are using 28 different data sources for generating customer insights and customer engagement. Therefore, the need for centralized easy-to-use solutions that allow marketers to understand and orchestrate customer journeys across touchpoints is becoming a priority.

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Relay42 is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) built to enable marketers to personalize their marketing activities across all touchpoints of the customer journey in real time. The platform empowers businesses to create meaningful customer experiences by transforming fragmented interactions into seamless journeys.

Relay42 is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide marketers with deeper insight into their consumers, their behaviors, and interests using Relay42’s CDP and Amazon QuickSight. Moreover, with the support of Amazon Q in QuickSight, Relay42 is democratizing Business Intelligence (BI) for marketers by leveraging the built-in generative BI feature of Amazon QuickSight to deliver faster time to insight.

Through the combination of Relay42 and Amazon QuickSight, marketers can deliver meaningful insights in seconds to better understand their customers, and turn customer intelligence into personalized interactions to drive their acquisition and retention programs.

About Relay42

Relay42 is an Orchestration Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers businesses to create meaningful customer relationships by utilizing smart technology to transform fragmented interactions into seamless journeys. Relay42 gives businesses the freedom, flexibility, and agility to build sustainable customer relationships, using valuable customer data as a baseline.

Global brands including Air France, KLM, Vattenfall, and FedEx rely on Relay42 to anticipate and address customer needs in real time across all online and offline channels. Relay42 is the only platform built for AI-driven customer journeys with real-time connectivity to all systems and touchpoints.

Solution Overview

Harnessing the breadth and quality of customer data, Relay42’s new Insights module empowers marketing teams to dive deep into customer behaviors and gain invaluable insights into the performance of their marketing programs across all online, offline, paid, and owned marketing channels.

Relay42 Insights and Reporting Module

Figure 1 – Relay42 Insights and Reporting Module

Key capabilities of the Relay42 Insights module include:

  • Deep insights into customer behaviors: With the Relay42 Insights module, marketers can ask unlimited questions about their data and gain a deeper understanding of how to serve their customers more effectively.
  • Simplicity with AI-powered querying: Marketers can use artificial intelligence to query their data using natural language search, reducing the reliance on data scientists. Users can simply type a question to access insights on-demand, without the need for predefined queries or complex data manipulation.
  • Multi-source data integration: The Relay42 Insights module enables marketers to pull data from various sources. This includes CRM systems, call center records, and other external sources, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions.
  • Customizable dashboards: Marketers can create customizable dashboards that suit their specific requirements, facilitating an easy visualization of key metrics and KPIs.
  • Real-time statistics: Leveraging real-time first-party data, the Insights module provides marketers with instant access to the latest insights to inform their decision-making when crafting marketing campaigns.
Relay42 Amazon Q in QuickSight

Figure 2 – Relay42 Generative BI using Amazon Q in QuickSight

“We are very excited to partner with Amazon Web Services to embed more customer intelligence into Relay42”, said Tomas Salfischberger, CEO and founder of Relay42. “The new module unlocks a treasure trove of customer intelligence and actionable insights to optimize marketing performance.”


Developing a customer data-driven decision strategy can be challenging for companies. Relay42’s Customer Data Platform helps to connect data from fragmented systems and touchpoints and turn it into meaningful and actionable insights. In this blog post we presented Relay42’s new insights module that empowers marketers to unlock insights and dive deep into customer data using Amazon QuickSight. Contact your AWS or Relay42 team to learn more about how you can use Relay42 and Amazon QuickSight to deliver meaningful insights in seconds.

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Relay42 is an AWS Technology Partner that enable marketers to personalize their marketing activities across all touchpoints of the customer journey in real time. The platform empowers businesses to create meaningful customer experiences by transforming fragmented interactions into seamless journeys.

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