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Diagram showing the Amazon Bedrock solution to simplify and automate billing

Simplify and automate bill processing with Amazon Bedrock

This post was co-written with Shyam Narayan, a leader in the Accenture AWS Business Group, and Hui Yee Leong, a DevOps and platform engineer, both based in Australia. Hui and Shyam specialize in designing and implementing complex AWS transformation programs across a wide range of industries. Enterprises that operate out of multiple locations such as […]

Handling AWS Chargebacks for Enterprise Customers

As AWS product portfolios and feature sets grow, as an enterprise customer, you are likely to migrate your existing workloads and innovate your new products on AWS. To help you keep your cloud charges simple, you can use consolidated billing. This can, however, create complexity for your internal chargebacks, especially if some of your resources […]