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AWS Podcasts – Compgun, Primadesk, SkinnyPrice, and Cameron Peron

Here are the next batch of podcasts that I recorded on Tuesday, September 1 at the AWS Loft in San Francisco as part of the Intel Startup Spotlight for the AWS Podcast.

I spoke with startups Compgun, Primadesk, SkinnyPrice. I also spoke with Cameron Peron, a startup advisor. Here are the episodes and the show notes (the “Episode” links go directly to the MP3 files; you can also visit the AWS Podcast page and subscribe to the feed):

Episode 115 – Compgun
For Episode 115, I interviewed Jake Seip and Tim Sze, co-founders and CEO’s of sales commission engine Compgun. After realizing how difficult it can be to appropriately administer sales compensation and noticing that other companies share this burden, Jake and Tim used their industry insights to solve that problem. Listen to the guys chat about the strengths and weaknesses of running on AWS, where they see the company going in the future, and what they love most about working for a startup.

Episode 116 – Primadesk
For Episode 116, I spoke with Srinivasa Venkataraman, one of the founders of security startup Primadesk. Srinivasa discusses how a family photo-organization project inspired him to found Primadesk and how his tech background plus managerial experience has helped him to succeed in the startup ecosystem. Find out more about his file sharing tools, content indexing systems, and how they appeal to both consumers and IT professionals.

Episode 117 – SkinnyPrice
For Episode 117, I interviewed Andrew Jones and Daniel McGuire, the CTO and CEO/Co-Founder of SkinnyPrice. The guys talk about their experiences launching the discount pricing startup and their history of entrepreneurial adventures (including running a construction company and working with the MassChallenge Accelerator in Boston).

Episode 118 – Cameron Peron
For Episode 118, I spoke with startup advisor Cameron Peron about the challenges facing startups today and the approaches he takes to help startups succeed. We discussed his business-focused background and experience as the VP of Marketing and CMO of Redis Labs. Cameron shares his insights about working for a startup in Israel vs. in Silicon Valley, how to work with scarce resources, and his best tips for startup success.

Special Thanks
Once again, special thanks are due to my colleagues:


PS – I am planning to expand the scale of the AWS Podcast series in 2016. Stay tuned for information on how to apply to be a guest.

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