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AWS Podcast – Bob Rogers (Intel Big Data)

For Episode 134 of the AWS podcast, I spoke with Bob Rogers, PhD, Chief Data Scientist for Big Data Solutions at Intel Corporation. We talked about how Bob entered the field of data science, how to get value from data science projects, and some misconceptions around big data. You can listen to the podcast to […]

AWS Podcasts – Aerobatic, Aire, Prairie Cloud, and Osper

After some experimentation, I am now somewhat proficient at recording podcasts remotely! In fact, three of the four podcasts below were recorded over Skype with the aid of Zencastr. This time around, I spoke with representatives of Aerobatic, Aire, Prairie Cloud, and Osper. As usual, the “Episode” links go directly to the audio files. Episode […]

AWS Podcasts – JAWS, Muterra, Betabrand, and DubSmash

Here’s the final batch of interviews that I recorded on Tuesday, September 1 at the AWS Loft in San Francisco as part of the Intel Startup Spotlight for the AWS Podcast. Episode 122 was recorded remotely (a first for me). I spoke with representatives from JAWS, Muterra, Betabrand, and DubSmash. As usual, the “Episode” links […]

AWS Podcast #101 – Vaibhav Mallya of

Continuing with my series of interviews from the AWS Pop-up Loft, I spoke with Vaibhav Mallya of We chatted about his time at Amazon and Twitter, and his motivation for founding his own company. You can listen to the full interview to learn a lot more. As a special bonus for podcast listeners, Vaibhav […]